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Satisfactory dev says Epic is “trying to make it better” for indie studios

The backlash is from a vocal minority

Earlier this year, Coffee Stain Studio announced that open-world factory-building game Satisfactory would be an Epic Games store exclusive. Like many studios that have made a similar decision, the team came under some fire for the choice. Believing the nay-sayers to be only a small part of the player-base, Coffee Stain Studio explain some of the benefits of taking the deal.

On becoming an Epic exclusive, Nathalie Verwei, UI/ UX designer at Coffee Stain Studios, says that doing so took a lot of financial worry off the developer’s shoulders. “I think as an indie studio it’s nice to have that security that you know that your game is going to get out there and you don’t need to worry about making certain financial deadlines,” she told us.  “You can just focus on making a good game. Of course, we had some backlash but I think it’s a loud minority.”

She goes on to say that what Epic is offering is something that allows more studios to make better games. “I think it’s a good thing that Epic is trying to do,” explains Verwei. “Of course, the users will only see the end of, ‘oh, it’s another launcher, it’s another store’ but Epic is trying to do something for game developers to make it better for them so we can deliver better quality of products, basically.”

Since launching in December 2018, the Epic Games store has been the target of ire from a subset of players that believe the marketplace is somehow hurting their consumer rights. Announcements of exclusivity have been met with hostility, developers often getting harassed as a result.

Many developers before Coffee Stain have been vocal about the value of the investment Epic offers. Games can be delivered sooner, and of better quality, giving the studios more breathing room around launch to make the titles the best they can be. Being on the Epic store hasn’t slowed Satisfactory’s sales down any, at the very least.

Satisfactory is available in early access on the Epic Games store now.