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These new Secretlab Skins are a must-have for Minecraft fans

Upgrade the design of your old chair with this stunning Minecraft Enderman skin or adorable Wolf Edition foam memory pillow from Secretlab.

Secretlab Enderman Minecraft chair Skin

Secretlab has revealed two new Minecraft-themed additions to its lineup in the Enderman Edition chair skin and Wolf pillow. These join the Creeper Edition Titan Evo, which is currently only available in three sizes. The addition of these customization options now opens up more opportunities for fans to show off their love for Minecraft.

Made for the Titan Evo, a design we consider among the best gaming chairs that money can buy, Secretlab Skins offer a great way to customize your existing chair without having to pay for a whole new chair.

Minecraft Wolf Pillow made for Secretlab Evo gaming chairs

Each skin is precision mapped to the Titan Evo design, and Secretlab claims it only takes three minutes to apply one to a chair. Adding a Skin to a chair also creates an extra layer of protection should your Titan Evo be starting to show signs of wear and tear. Better still, all Skins are machine washable, meaning you can have it washed and feeling fresh in no time.

The Enderman edition skin is unique as it adopts a pixelated fabric designed specifically for it. Overall, the design is quite minimalistic, but easily recognizable even to those who don’t play Minecraft.

As for the Wolf pillow, it might be a stark contrast to the dark and spookier tones of the Enderman skin, but it’s still a great way to bring new life to an old design, all while improving your overall comfort.

If you’re yet to pick out a gaming chair, the Minecraft Creeper Edition is still available via the Secretlab website, and it comes in small, regular, and XL sizes. The MSRP ranges from $614-$664 before any upgrades or accessories are factored in.

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