New Secretlab x Overwatch designs feature Kiriko and D.Va

Not only is Kiriko arriving with their very own Titan Evo, but a D.Va skin is launching to customize your existing Secretlab gaming chair.

Secretlab is no stranger to stunning collaborations, but the Overwatch collection is on a whole other level. We already have Genji, Tracer, and D.Va chairs, alongside a generic Overwatch logo chair, but the family is about to expand with a Kiriko Titan Evo chair and a D.Va chair skin, all revealed just in time for BlizzCon 2023.

We recently looked at the Secretlab x Oracle Red Bull chair, which is a must-have for F1 and racing fans, while also being one of the best gaming chairs on the market. Now, the attention is turning to Overwatch 2, with the reveal of a brand new Kiriko Titan Evo gaming chair.

With the expected premium design we’ve come to expect from Secretlab, it’s adding to an already exciting lineup of Overwatch chairs with this brand new Kiriko design. The iconography associated with Kiriko adorns this stunning Titan Evo and it’ll be hard for any die-hard support player to pass this up.

If you already own a Secretlab Titan Evo, but want to represent the greatest tank in competitive gaming history, you can instead opt for the D.Va chair skin. This breathable skin doesn’t skimp on the design, which is still embroidered for the best quality possible. Secretlab also claims you can attach a skin to your chair in as little as three minutes, which is a fantastic way to freshen up your design instead of buying a whole new chair.

Both the Kiriko chair and D.Va skin will be available to try out exclusively at BlizzCon 2023 in the Overwatch Hall.

secretlab x overwatch chair skin

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