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Most of Sony’s State of Play games are coming to PC

Almost every PlayStation announcement from Sony’s State of Play games showcase is set to come to PC, including Spider-Man, Callisto Protocol, and Eternights

Almost all Sony's State of Play games coming to PC: poster for Rollerdrome

If you’re a PC gamer who watched the announcements at Sony’s State of Play games showcase and were excited by the offerings, you’re in luck – outside of the PSVR offerings, almost everything shown including the formerly Sony PlayStation exclusive series Spider-Man is coming to PC. We also have a Resident Evil 4 remake release date, some Street Fighter 6 gameplay, and a Final Fantasy 16 release window announcement and flashy new trailer.

Sci-fi horror game The Callisto Protocol, from the original creators of Dead Space, got a brand new trailer and is set to release on December 2. Roller skating arena bloodsport game Rollerdrome, announced for an August 16 release, already has its own Steam page – as does ‘dating action’ anime game Eternights, which features a Persona-style calendar system that tasks you with deciding if you should spend your Fridays dating or dungeon crawling.

We also got a Stray release date – the Cyberpunk cat adventure game was previously announced for PC, but we now know we’ll be wandering around rain-slicked city streets and hiding in cardboard boxes as a kitty on July 19, courtesy of the Stray gameplay trailer. Atmospheric cycling road trip adventure Season: A Letter to the Future is also on Steam, with an autumn release window.

Of course, the highlights for many will be the big names – open-world games Spider-Man Remastered and Spider-Man: Miles Morales are both on their way to PC, letting players swing their way around Insomniac Games’ skyscraper-laden New York City in glorious, ray traced detail. Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake is confirmed to be launching on Steam on March 24, 2023 alongside the game’s console versions.

Fighting game favourite Street Fighter returns with some surprising open-world action demonstrated in Street Fighter 6 alongside the classic side-on Street Fighter bouts. Final Fantasy XVI also got a showing, with some dramatic scenes of the game’s gargantuan Eikons going at it in a spectacular trailer. The juggernaut JRPG game series is set to return in summer 2023, after producer Naoki Yoshida recently spoke about the game entering the final stages of development.

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There’s plenty to look forward to for PC gamers, then. One thing not announced for PC at the show was Horizon Forbidden West, which revealed a new update in the showcase – but, given the Horizon Zero Dawn PC sales numbers, we’d be surprised if it doesn’t come our way eventually. If you’re still hungry for more news, Summer Game Fest and the Xbox and Bethesda games showcase are just around the corner, so be sure to keep your eye on PCGamesN for all the news coverage.