Starfield Alternating Currents choice – should you pick Louisa or Zoe?

The Starfield Alternating Currents quest has you chasing junction boxes all over New Atlantis, before handing evidence to either Louisa or Zoe.

Starfield Alternating Currents: Louisa Reyez close-up

Should you pick Louisa or Zoe in the Starfield Alternating Currents quest? This early game quest mostly takes place in The Well, which is the suburb of New Atlantis underneath the main city. It’s what the foundations of New Atlantis were built upon but while the middle and upper classes continued to flourish up top, those with lower incomes were stuck down below.

Down there, you’ll encounter Louisa, a MAST employee who is investigating some power drains, as part of the quest Tapping the Grid. Complete that and Alternating Currents will begin, a
Starfield mission
that has you heading topside to New Atlantis in search of the source of the power drains. But what is the right Alternating Currents choice? We’ve got all you need to know.

Starfield Alternating Currents: Louisa and Zoe stood in the Trade Authority office.

Should you pick Louisa or Zoe in Alternating Currents?

It does not matter who you choose to give the evidence to in Alternating Currents – both Louisa and Zoe will reward you with 2,000 credits and the same amount of quest completion XP.

We’ve jumped ahead a little here, but for those of you who just want to know who to give the evidence to at the end of the quest, you can be safe in your knowledge that it doesn’t appear to make any difference at the end of the day, nor are we aware of it having any implication later down the line for any other quests.

Zoe continues to be useful, being a Trade Authority vendor where you can sell Starfield contraband, and she plays a part in some other side quests, but she’s also far less likeable than Louisa. She also implies that she’s keeping the information to herself, so it seems like she is actually involved in this crime after all, though it doesn’t seem like there’s anything more you can do upon finding out that information. The decision is yours.

Should you pick junction box 45A or 47B?

Earlier on in the quest, you’ll also have to make a decision around which junction box to choose. Louisa argues 45A is the correct box, while Zoe thinks it’s 47B.

47B is closer to the previous box, while 45A is a little further away, but ultimately, this decision also does not matter. Go with Louisa’s 45A and she’ll comment about how she can obviously read the diagrams better because she’s been doing it for her job, whereas if you go for Zoe’s 47B, she’ll take over from Louisa on the comms for the next junction box. Both of them do the job though, and you’ll be sent topside to find the final junction box and infiltrate the apartment.

That’s everything there is to know about solving the Starfield Alternating Currents quest, and the result of giving the evidence to Louisa or Zoe. If you’re still in the early stages of the RPG game and you’re yet to explore the far reaches of the universe, we’d suggest checking out our guide to all the Starfield planets, the cities, and the factions you’ll encounter along the way.

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