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Starfield is getting a fan-made audio series of original stories

A fan-made Starfield audio series is on the way, as a casting call has gone out for the podcast anthology set within Bethesda's newest universe.

Starfield audio series: a woman in a space suit with no helmet, and short dark hair

Starfield is getting a series of fan-made audio dramas. As the Bethesda RPG game already promises a boundless universe of 1,000 planets, the opportunities are endless for extra stories from across the community. With the Starfield release date closing in, it’s really cool to see fan projects like this already in the works for Starfield.

Called Frontiers: Stories from Starfield, the first season of the unofficial Starfield audio series is looking for unpaid volunteer writers and voice actors to help create a series of short stories akin to The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits.

Each standalone episode plans to be 60 minutes in length, with each actor credited for their roles on IMDB. “We’re really looking for a diverse selection of stories and genres celebration the exploration of space to be expected in the game with its wonders and horrors,” the team says.

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Spearheaded by creator and showrunner Kenneth Vigue, eight of the 11 episodes in the first season are up to be written by anyone willing to share their ideas. You can go to the casting call to get fully to grips with what the team is looking for in writers and voice actors.

On top of the writing and voice acting, “All podcast episodes will be fully produced and edited by our team with rich, cinematic soundscapes and orchestral music.”

This Starfield audio series isn’t the only thing fans have been making in preparation for Bethesda’s game, as a compact Starfield tabletop game has been created for you to play alone or with friends, and Starfield mods already looking promising while the Starfield community patch starts to get ready for launch as well.

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