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Starfield is missing Fallout 4’s best companion

Unfortunately, Bethesda's new RPG Starfield offers an expansive universe that is home to everyone and everything, except man's best friend.

Starfield background with Fallout 4's companion Dogmeat atop its logo

Starfield is nearing its massive launch, but players with early access to Bethesda’s massive RPG game are already exploring space. As further detailed in our Starfield review, there are many things the new game does right. One thing it falls short of doing very well, though, is its pet system. It simply fails to include any furry companions like the ever-iconic Dogmeat from Fallout 4, making everyone’s galactic journey all the more lonely. In this day and age, what is an RPG without a dog you can pet?

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted the reason for Starfield’s lack of paws-itively charming companions, and it may just be the saddest gaming news you learn today. While you explore in-game, you may come across a food item called ‘Chocolate Labs.’ What stands out, aside from the snack’s name, is its description. “Centauri Mills’ chocolates, shaped like an extinct canine called a Labrador Retriever,” it reads.

Starfield screenshot showing the in-game snack called Choco Labs, and its item description

As noted by ‘Can You Pet the Dog?’ on Twitter, this clearly states that one breed has gone extinct, and also implies that the entire canine species may be gone for good, too. I don’t know about you all, but I don’t want to share a universe with humans but no doggos. Hopefully, we see some new Starfield mods soon that add the likes of Dogmeat or other fuzzy companions to the game.

Considering the current amount of Starfield mod downloads, I wouldn’t be surprised. Until then, we’ll have to keep an eye out for any potential four-legged friends in-game as we explore. With the downright immense amount of Starfield planets waiting to be discovered, we may just see some semblance of a dog yet. Some of the Starfield concept art did showcase pets, so Bethesda could have something up its sleeve.

Maybe one day we’ll get to see an adorable doggo traversing our spaceships. If you haven’t done so yet, you should make sure that your PC is ready for the game’s official take-off with this quick rundown of the Starfield system requirements. You can also prepare for the release by looking through all of the known Starfield cities thus far.

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