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Community Starfield patch identifies more than 240 bugs and issues

The community Starfield patch aims to address bugs, breakages, and errors in Bethesda’s space RPG, and has so far identified more than 240 potential issues.

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From Oblivion to Skyrim, Fallout 3 to Fallout 4, Bethesda games and bugs go hand in hand. It’s become, essentially, part of the charm. Watching Deathclaws rocket into space, putting buckets on people’s heads to steal their gold – who doesn’t have fond memories of Bethesda bugs? Starfield, however, seems comparatively slick. Despite the size of the Settled Systems, the new world built by Todd Howard and company rarely presents any big bugs or graphical errors. Nevertheless, the ongoing community Starfield patch, which aims to remove any and all issues from the RPG, has identified a considerable 249 separate potential problems. From ships to companions and NPCs, there’s a pretty long hit list of Starfield bugs.

Starfield has become Bethesda’s biggest launch of all time. The enormous range of Starfield planets make this one of the biggest offerings in RPG game history, and you can make your experience even better with the latest and greatest Starfield mods. But while Starfield seems to be, for the most part, going very smoothly – with a new Starfied update looking to improve performance even more – the community Starfield patch has nevertheless discovered almost 250 potential issues.

The Starfield community patch identified over 100 issues at launch, and now that number continues to climb.

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In some cases, the problems are relatively minor – one report says that, after entering and then exiting stealth mode, the head of Andreja, if she’s your companion, will temporarily become invisible. Elsewhere, the Starfield community reports the game freezing in certain situations, with some enemies being able to shoot through doors.

Other issues however are more significant. One player reports that stealing a pirate ship, taking that ship to be registered, then switching your previous ship back to your home ship can create a game-breaking bug whereby story-critical NPCs suddenly disappear. A bit more creepy, there are multiple reports of, essentially, ghost ships – there seems to be a bug that means NPCs no longer spawn within AI ships, so when you board them, there’s no one there, and when they land, no one comes out.

Bethesda is continuing to patch Starfield, with a recent update promising an FOV slider, a dedicated ‘eat’ button for food, so you don’t have to go in the inventory every time, and a variety of performance fixes. In combination with the community patch, although Starfield is likely Bethesda’s least buggy, smoothest-running game to date, it’s set to become even better.

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