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This Starfield mod makes some small but incredibly impactful changes

This Starfield mod makes a couple very small, but very impactful changes to Bethesda's massive game, and everyone should have the work installed.

There are already a lot of mods for Starfield, so many in fact that it can be really difficult choosing which you should install for the Bethesda RPG game at this early stage. From cosmetic changes to visual improvements, there’s a fair amount of variety in Starfield mods already, but the quality-of-life improvements already present ahead of the Starfield release date are where it’s really at. In fact, the user interface and heads-up display have got some minor but incredibly meaningful tweaks you need to check out.

This comes from the BetterHUD mod by ‘KhaoMaat,’ which makes a selection of small but incredibly impactful changes to the screen overlays in the space game. While it might not be Starfield’s most popular mod, it’s one that everyone should have installed.

One of the biggest changes in the BetterHUD mod actually makes things smaller in Starfield, namely the location and XP reward pop-ups. If you find these to be a bit too big and annoyingly taking up space in front of the gameplay, they’ve been moved to the bottom of the screen and made a bit smaller. So, while you can still see them as they happen, you don’t need to be distracted by when you’ve earned 10 XP from killing your umpteenth Spacer in a row with your Starfield weapons.

You can even hide the XP indicator completely, or only move and resize that pop-up and leave locations the same. You can also pick between a slew of options that disable the enemy hit marker and health bars, all while only having the dot crosshair for every single weapon you use, if you don’t want the more complex crosshairs on screen.

These are really, really simple changes in one Starfield mod, but incredibly impactful if you want to declutter the screen a bit and marvel more at the world Bethesda has created, all while staying in the zone during exploration and combat.

You can download BetterHUD for Starfield right now, and there’s another mod that relates to the Starfield carry weight problem I’d recommend you install too, as these minor tweak mods are going to make your overall experience that little bit smoother.

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