This fan-made Starfield trailer eases the wait for the real one

The fan-made Starfield trailer animated and upscales concept art to life and adds music, voices, upscaled and even a touch of speculation about the RPG

A robot works on a ship in unscaled art for a fan-made Starfield trailer

The wait for a Starfield trailer proved too much for one fan, who decided that, rather than creating doors or holding out for the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, they’d make one of their own. Redditor LexB777 (Jeffrey Boles), a self-proclaimed visual effects artist and video editor, has upscaled Starfield concept art and animated it – adding voiceovers, a few special effects, and some speculative plotting to bring Bethesda’s space game to life ahead of its possible appearance at the Xbox Showcase.

The trailer, called “Captain, look at this!” opens with the theft of some documents from Constellation headquarters before veering into galaxy-saving territory and tantalizing us with cruisers in flight above settlements and flights headed to Neon, the pleasure planet. It also introduces characters who may (or may not) actually play a role and speculates on the role of certain players, including Reugen Industries.

It might only be a montage of facts and locations we’ve poured over already, but the improved artwork – which Boles says they made with “Remini AI upscaling and then a few hours in photoshop” – is particularly impressive, and the addition of animations and music go a long way toward bringing Starfield to life in a way we’ve yet to really experience.

Bethesda previously promised a Starfield reveal of some kind in summer 2022, but with the game delayed until spring 2023, it’s unclear whether we can expect anything about the Colony War and its aftermath during Summer Game Fest – but we can hope, of course. For now, you can check out the impressive fan trailer below to get a taste of things to come.

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Still, there’s plenty of potentially overlooked information in Starfield’s concept art anyway. Fans began speculating about the technology in Starfield based on what little we’ve seen of the game’s guns and weapon installments. 

Aside from prompting speculation about why the people of the future use surprisingly modern-looking weapons, the art yielded few concrete theories, though a recent voice actor comment that Starfield is “pretty awesome” suggests we’ve barely seen even a fraction of what Bethesda has in store.