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Starfield United Colonies faction guide

The United Colonies is the most powerful faction in Starfield, here’s everything about who they are, where to find them, and how to join them.

Starfield United Colonies member of the UC Vanguard, the civilian navy of the faction

Who is the Starfield United Colonies faction? While the release of Bethesda’s upcoming epic space RPG is not far away at all, every grain of Starfield information we can gather is vital. From the various developer updates so far, it’s become clear that learning about Starfield factions is essential. We know there are several main factions, as well as smaller groups, but for now, we’ll focus on the United Colonies.

As a strong military and political force, the United Colonies is the most powerful of the Starfield factions. Their rich history spans intergalactic conflicts, common enemies, and the formation of a web of member colonies. In the faction guide below, we’re taking a deep dive into who the United Colonies are, where you can find them, which Starfield companions came from this faction, how they fit into the Starfield timeline and lore, and how you can join them. Let’s get going.

Starfield United Colonies members of SysDef gather for a meeting

Who are the United Colonies?

The United Colonies faction is the largest cohort in Starfield and suitably boasts the most powerful, established military and a strong political arm. Known widely across Bethesda’s gaming intel as UC, the faction has been confirmed as one of the two governments in the Settled Systems and an important centralized republic established in 2161.

In episode two of the ‘Into the Starfield’ series, lead quest designer Will Shen also added that the United Colonies represents “the future of space republic idealized”. Distinguishing the UC as a confederation focused heavily on maintaining peace through their military and political powers.

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Although, as part of Bethesda’s developer shorts, design director Emil Pagliarulo describes how the United Colonies have previously engaged in a bloody Colony War in opposition with the Freestar Collective in 2310, 20 years before Starfield’s beginnings, and now live in an “uneasy peace”. In 2315, the UC Vanguard was founded, which is UC’s civilian navy, relying on civilians using their ships.

While they’ve clearly been entangled in a long rivalry with the Freestar Collective, this conflict stands solved (for now…). It appears the more pressing risk and enemy to the United Colonies are the space pirates of the Starfield Crimson Fleet faction.

Starfield United Colonies headquarters based at the city of New Atlantis, established in 2161

Where is the United Colonies based?

The United Colonies are based in the capital city of New Atlantis. We know from our Starfield New Atlantis guide that the city is located on the planet Jemison, based in the Alpha Centauri solar system. This is also home to the Starfield Constellation faction, which currently lives in harmony with the UC.

During Starfield Direct, Emil Pagliarulo described the United Colonies as “the first major human settlement in space.” Adding that, “The people who live here value law, discipline, and the legacy of humanity. They consider themselves the true children of Earth.”

New Atlantis has featured in many Bethesda Softworks game updates thus far, with various buildings appearing in gameplay marked with ‘UCSEC’ standing for United Colonies Security & Safety, and ‘MAST’ standing for Military, Administrative and Scientific Triumvirate. All relating to the United Colonies’ powerful military and political stronghold in New Atlantis.

Starfield United Colonies base in New Altantis with buildings related to the UC's main operations

Who are the members of the United Colonies?

So far, the following characters have been named as members of the United Colonies:

  • Pascual Logan – UC Fleet Admiral.
  • John Tuala – Lieutenant at MAST for the Vanguard.
  • Kibwe Ikande – Commander aboard the UC Vigilance for SysDef.

During the Into the Starfield developer series, eagle-eyed viewers picked out names from a script Emil Pagliarulo was filmed typing. In this script, John Tuala and Kibwe Ikande were named in the ‘Urgent Communique’ from UC Fleet Admiral Pascual Logan at MAST.

Other than this spot, written up kindly by a user on Reddit, any more information or communication on members from the United Colonies remains under wraps.

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Can you join the United Colonies?

Like other Starfield factions, the United Colonies will be joinable via a mission to take down the Crimson Fleet. You will be propositioned during a quest with an opportunity to become a member of the United Colonies.

Seen during a gameplay deep dive as part of Starfield Direct, players are propositioned as part of the quest segment, “You ever think of joining up with the Vanguard of the United Colonies? Even get your UC citizenship?” Suggesting that by taking part in a mission for what appears to be the UC’s military, there’s an opportunity to become one of them. It is not clear whether this mission alone will grant you your spot or whether it will just aid your reputation with the other UC members.

As part of a Starfield Q&A on Discord, Will Shen and Emil Pagliarulo were asked, “Can you be a double agent in the game?” To which Will answered, “All of the playable factions can be completed independently. The Crimson Fleet storyline does feature you being an undercover agent inside the Fleet on behalf of UC SysDef (a specific military branch of the United Colonies), but whether you betray the Fleet or UC SysDef is a choice you will get to make.”

That’s everything we know about the United Colonies faction, but if you need more info on the many UC territories, why not research all of the Starfield planets, moons, and systems before jumping in ahead of the Starfield release date? You’ll be more prepared than most.

Are you still looking for more? While a good Starfield wiki can be a handy source of information, our new Starfield Database goes further, offering you daily news, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools.