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Steam’s Chinese New Year sale includes big hits and hidden gems

The Steam Chinese New Year sale is on now, with sales and spotlights on massive hits and lesser-known indie games from Chinese developers and publishers.

Steam Chinese New Year sale: A cute round yellow creature stands under a tree, it's yellow with touches of red on its cheeks and head, and it holds a stick with a thorny nut husk tied to the end

The Lunar New Year sale is no more, but Steam is holding an event for the new Year of the Rabbit all the same. The Steam Chinese New Year sale is a ‘minor’ sale in Steam’s reorganised calendar, and it’s a chance to check out some great Chinese games that in many cases aren’t as well known in the west.

Hop over to the Chinese New Year event page on Steam and you’ll find a selection of new and upcoming games, sales, and some new free demos to try out. Some of Steam’s Chinese curators have assembled these recommendations, and they include quite a few games that have gotten little or no attention in western games markets and press.

If you’re into strategy games, Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord is 70% off, putting it at $1.19 / 86p. It’s a turn-based game that mixes strategy and tactics, and is based on The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which recounts the time from about AD 190 – 280 when China was divided into the Wei, Shu, and Wu states. There are several expansions and an official soundtrack available Three Kingdoms: Last Warlord, and they’re all free.

Amazing Cultivation Simulator is 30% off, putting it at $17.49 / £13.64 during the sale. This one takes a few cues from games like Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress, and weaves in a Taoist mythology and magic system.

There’s a free demo available for Thriving City: Song, a management game where you play as the mayor of a town under the Zhao Song Dynasty in AD 960. You’ll have to direct the expansion of your city, and quell unrest when imperial decrees lead to disputes and conflict between the local factions.

We’ve also rounded up a big list of some of our favourite free Steam games, and the other best free PC games if you’re looking for something new to check out this weekend. The Chinese New Year sale on Steam runs until January 23.