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Temtem price: how much does Temtem cost on PC?

Here’s how much Temtem will set you back


What is the Temtem price? Although the Temtem Steam store page is live and you’ll be able to play Temtem in early access today on PC, in the lead up it’s been unclear how much it will set you back, luckily that’s now been confirmed.

The full version of Temtem is slated to launch in the second or third quarter of 2021, but in case you’re wondering how long is Temtem, it looks like we will be able to play around 50% of the content, with access to over 80 creatures and 20 hours of gameplay. Although Temtem is like a Pokemon PC game, it has MMO features, setting it apart from the creature-capturing game we know and love.

We’re ready to lay down our wallets to Temtem, it looks so similar to Pokemon and it is indeed coming to PC. The Temtem starters are adorable and from playing the stress tests, we’re eagerly anticipating this Pokemon-like game. The Temtem release time has dropped, but still without a price on the store page, so how much will Temtem set you back?

Temtem price

The developers revealed on Twitter that the Temtem price will be $34.99 / £27.99 / €30.99.

If the Temtem price hasn’t scared you off, here’s how to prepare for your venture into Temtem, including what you can expect from Temtem breeding, choosing your first companion with the Temtem type chart, and like Pokemon, the Temtem evolutions explained.