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Terraria 1.4.4 Skyblock map is its toughest challenge yet

A new Terraria 1.4.4 Skyblock map might not offer the chaos of its hardest Zenith seed but it may still be the toughest challenge in the sandbox crafting game

Terraria 1.4.4 Skyblock Remix map - the Guide stands on a small, floating marble platform, featuring a pool of water, a pool of shimmer, a wooden chest, a demon altar, and two torches

A new Terraria 1.4.4 Skyblock map might offer the toughest challenge yet for fans of one of the best sandbox games on PC. If you’re a fan of fellow sandbox game Minecraft, then you may well be familiar with the concept of Minecraft Skyblock, one of the most famous and popular survival Minecraft maps. Terraria Skyblock is the same basic idea – rather than starting out in a big, open world of opportunity, instead you begin on a tiny floating island in a vast void of possibility. Now, a modder has created a version for the Terraria 1.4.4 update Labor of Love.

The Terraria Skyblock Remix for 1.4.4 is created by ‘Radialuz,’ who says that they wanted a version of the map that incorporated the new Terraria shimmer liquid. They say that they “spent a lot of time rethinking the routing” while creating the project – after all, in the spirit of Skyblock, it’s important to ensure that players can actually progress from their starting island.

The resulting map comprises a small marble island floating in the sky, with three platforms on the surface separated by one pool of water and one pool of shimmer. There are two torches (one on each side of the construction), a demon altar, and a single wooden chest. Out of the gate this gives you very little to work with, of course, especially given the marble construction as marble is largely a cosmetic resource with little practical application. Thankfully, the chest contains some essential supplies to get you started: a gold hammer, fishing pole, workbench, and bug net, along with some mushroom grass seeds.

So, how do you get started? We wouldn’t want to give the game away, as the discovery is part of the fun – but, suffice to say, fishing will certainly be your friend early on. Radialuz notes that “this map is not intended to be a quick experience, and it isn’t meant to be easy. But if you enjoy Skyblock style maps and you’re looking for a challenge, then this is the map for you.” They say that they’re currently working on a progression guide, though note that they’re happy for players to reach out to them for advice if they’re stuck.

While you might think of the new Terraria Zenith seed and its corresponding legendary difficulty as the hardest challenge Terraria has to offer, there’s a special brand of dedication to the Skyblock challenge that makes it perhaps the toughest to complete. But complete it you can; as Radialuz explains, “There may be times when it feels impossible to move forward, however I assure you that this map provides everything that you need to defeat the Moon Lord, along with every other boss in the game.”

If that sounds like a challenge you fancy, the Terraria Skyblock Remix is available on the Steam workshop. Fans on the Terraria Reddit are already expressing their excitement: one comments how Skyblock “really tests your knowledge – if you don’t know about different mechanics, it makes you learn them.” Another user remarks on the obvious danger introduced by the map’s newest addition – without giving too much away about exactly how it works, they simply say, “You fall in that shimmer, you’re done, LMAO.”

Those of you taking on the challenge may want to consult our guide to all Terraria bosses in order and how to beat them. In addition, we’ve got a Terraria happiness guide to let you know how best to keep your NPCs happy for discount prices and to help set up those handy pylons. There’s also plenty more of the best Terraria mods to keep you busy if you’re already waiting for Terraria update 1.4.5 and its Dead Cells crossover. Meanwhile, it sounds like Terraria 2 development is the focus at developer Re-Logic, so it might truly be time to finally close the book on the first game.