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Fan makes Terraria vanity sets for The Boys, Batman, Star Wars, more

A Reddit user shares Terraria vanity sets for The Boys, Batman, Star Wars, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Marvel, Breaking Bad, and more in the sandbox crafting game

Terraria vanity sets - custom character & outfit combinations resembling Homelander (The Boys), Batman, and Luke Skywalker (Star Wars) by Psyanide5210 on Reddit

A character creation wizard has been wowing the Terraria Reddit page with their Terraria vanity sets based on a wide range of popular culture. Ever since the introduction of Terraria 1.4.4 update Labor of Love in September for one of the best building games, fans have been toying around with all the new additions. One of the big quality of life changes introduced to the sandbox game was the introduction of multiple Terraria gear loadouts.

This new functionality has freed players up to carry even more gear than ever before, and allowed them to use their ‘vanity slots’ – which overlay your currently equipped armour with the visual appearance of another item – for actual fashion rather than bonus storage. In addition, the increased Terraria inventory cap and the Terraria void bag rework mean that players have more space than ever, and they’re clearly using it to get creative.

Reddit user Psyanide5210 is a particular enthusiast, and has been combining Terraria’s character creator with a range of vanity items and dyes to recreate all manner of famous faces. Initially, they began by posting just their five favourites of the “230+ vanity combos I’ve made” to the Terraria subreddit. These included Homelander from The Boys, the Eva 01 unit from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean, Marvel’s friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, and two versions of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars: A New Hope – one in his robes, one in his orange pilot suit.

After a positive response from the community, they posted a second and third set of creations. In each instance, they include a full display of the items and dyes used, so you can recreate the looks for yourself should you so choose. Personally, our favourites include their take on Batman, the Knight from Hollow Knight, Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring, and the haunting, bloodied horror icon SCP-173.

Their creations have certainly been impressing other players as much as they have us. Users in the comments are also offering their own suggestions, as well as certain items that could be good for future builds. Personally, we love that they offer a good reason to track down all of those tricky dyes beyond mere completionist tendencies! I’ve already got my eye on a few specific looks for my own character thanks to the ideas Psyanide5210 has sparked off in my mind.

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Image credit: Psyanide5210 on Reddit.