Oblivion in Skyrim mod Skyblivion gets a “huge update”

Skyblivion is still "a ways out", but the devs say in a "huge update" that the "majority" of 3D assets for the Skyrim mod have been completed

An updated look at goblins in Skyrim mod Skyblivion

We’ve been reporting on the massive Skyrim mod called Skyblivion pretty much annually since 2014, and today the developers have a “huge update” to share. Sadly, it’s not news that the mod will release soon. But the folks remaking Oblivion in Skyrim have a whole lot of progress to show, with special looks at the upgraded goblins, clothing, and Daedric artefacts, as well as a tour through the new Bruma.

“Recreating 3D assets is a significant element of the Skyblivion project,” the devs explain in the update video. “In order to give you the fully realised remake Oblivion deserves, we are remaking all 3D assets, such as plants, cutlery, chairs, bookcases, potions, weapons, clothes, armours, creatures, and buildings. While we have a clear vision for these assets and how they will appear, it has always been a struggle to find 3D artists to help us realise this enormous task.”

That’s why Skyblivion is still “a ways out”, but the devs say that “the majority of the 3D assets on our to-do list have been completed”, and that “despite the massive scope of this project, we are finally seeing the end of the road”.

If you want to see 15 minutes of a much nicer-looking Cyrodiil, you can check out the video for yourself below.

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