Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update test server sign-ups begin

The Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update test server is planned to run in October, and you can sign up to join the alpha test and try the new Vera map and characters

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 test servers - close-up of Cobalt-B, a lady with blue hair, golden eyes, and black-rimmed orange sunglasses

The Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update test server is set to run in October, and you can sign up for a chance to check out the anime game’s next major update ahead of time. Tower of Fantasy 1.5 released on September 15, allowing players to travel to the mysterious Artificial Island and get their hands on new playable Tower of Fantasy character Claudia. The promised Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update, featuring new region Vera and the floating, cyberpunk style Mirroria City, has been listed as “coming in late fall.”

The Tower of Fantasy 2.0 release for the game’s original Chinese version arrived approximately four months after its initial release date. A similar schedule would place the worldwide release sometime in late November or early December, but it seems that developer Hotta Studio wants a slightly faster rollout of updates to help the worldwide version catch up to the Chinese audience.

Hotta Studio says that the test server will go live in October, though the specific time hasn’t yet been confirmed at the time of writing. Players who wish to participate can fill out a questionnaire through the game-announcements channel on the official Tower of Fantasy Discord (link opens an invite). Registration is open from September 28 – October 7, and players who are successful in being chosen to participate in the test will be notified by October 8.

It’s important to note that you will be required to use a test account to take part, although growth and support items will be sent out to help players progress to the required needs for testing. In addition, Hotta Studio notes that the test server will only be available during the testing period, and that test characters may be deleted once the test is over. In addition, there will be a confidentiality agreement regarding the content of the test that players must agree to – violating this will see your test server account revoked and may, in extreme cases, result in further action.

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