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Tower of Fantasy AFK farm players are being trolled

Tower of Fantasy AFK farm players using tricks to earn mount components in the Genshin Impact like anime RPG game are being trolled by other users in funny ways

Tower of Fantasy AFK farming - a figure with a white goatee in a purple hood

Tower of Fantasy AFK farm players trying to earn rare drops while idle in the anime game are being trolled by some of their fellow adventurers. The Genshin Impact competitor launched to dramatic success, but has been plagued by Tower of Fantasy cheaters since its release. Thankfully, developer Hotta Studio has now banned and publicly named and shamed Tower of Fantasy hackers, and appears to be clamping down on such troublemakers.

One slightly more reasonable way that players are attempting to circumnavigate the intended systems is by AFK farming – that is, finding ways to repeatedly kill enemies for rare drops using passive effects that allow them to continue earning items while “away from keyboard.” One particular trick uses the Tower of Fantasy character Zero, who can spawn floating orbs that hover around them and deal damage to nearby enemies. These can be used to stand near to an enemy spawn and just automatically kill mobs as they appear.

Players trying to get the Chaser Tower of Fantasy vehicle – imagine a floating sci-fi segway – have been attempting to get their hands on a particularly rare drop required to craft the mount. This has led to crowds of players all standing around in one spot, effectively teaming up to burn their way through enemies as they spawn in hopes of claiming the rare component.

Some players, however, have decided that these groups offer a perfect opportunity to do a little trolling, and are disrupting the farm groups in all manner of creative ways. Reddit user mmLuanari shared a clip of a player hurling an explosive barrel into the midst of the group, sending the cluster flying in all directions. The distance they travel is probably disruption enough, although the effect is exacerbated by the fact that the farming spot is atop a high platform, meaning many are thrown to the ground far below.

Other users have shared similar methods used elsewhere – one commenter says that when they are tanking Sobek, they bait the enemy’s underground emergence attack over to groups of people waiting AFK to tag the world boss and claim rewards for themselves with minimal effort. A quick dodge later, and the giant cyber-Egyptian deity comes crashing up into all the idle players and one-shots them. Seems a little harsh to us, but we suppose that’s the risk you take when hoping to get something for minimal effort.

Add some spices to your afk farm from TowerofFantasy

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