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Tower of Fantasy controller support is a problem, say fans

Tower of Fantasy controller support for the Genshin Impact like open-world anime game is missing several key features, forcing players to use keyboard and mouse

Tower of Fantasy - King, a man with bright red hair and a spiked choker, peers menacingly over his sunglasses

The Tower of Fantasy controller support options are severely lacking, say fans of the Genshin Impact-like open-world game. While fans appreciate being able to use a controller for combat sequences while leveling up in Tower of Fantasy, they say that still being forced to use a keyboard and mouse for the menus and not being able to rebind controller buttons in the anime game over a month after its western launch makes the feature feel largely useless.

A Tower of Fantasy player survey has caused players on the game’s subreddit to raise the issue of controller support once again, calling for fans to mention the lacking feature as a problem to developer Hotta Studio even if they don’t use it themselves. While a pad can be used to control your Tower of Fantasy characters as they move around the map and get into combat, the moment you open the menus you’re forced to reach for a mouse, as there is currently no way to navigate them using a controller.

Furthermore, while you can rebind your controls on a keyboard setup, the controller layout is fixed – meaning that you have to put up with the buttons assigned by default whether you like them or not. Gigantic0603, the Reddit user who initially called for action in the ongoing survey, says, “The entire point of controller [support] is to not touch the keyboard and mouse and yet I have to reach for them every single time I have to use the UI.”

Another user in the responses notes that there are several severe controller bugs as well – some ranged weapon users with charge attacks either can’t release the attacks properly or can’t change their aim while charging the attacks up. With the popularity of Genshin Impact on consoles, it’s not unfair to assume that Hotta Studio would want to follow suit eventually – but that would certainly require more work on the controller side first. Not only that, full controller support can often be a huge boon to accessibility – so it’s certainly a worthwhile addition.

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