How to get the Tower of Fantasy Voyager vehicle parts

If you’re looking to ride in style, you can’t get much cooler than the Tower of Fantasy Voyager, but locating the vehicle parts is a voyage in itself

Tower of Fantasy Voyager: The Voyager vehicle in Tower of Fantasy, a retrofuturistic car that resembles a yellow taxi with a rocket engine strapped to the back of it.

Struggling to track down the Tower of Fantasy Voyager vehicle parts? There are plenty of ways to traverse the expansive Tower of Fantasy map, but to do so entirely on foot will take you quite some time. Thankfully, Hotta Studio’s anime game offers a wide variety of Tower of Fantasy vehicles that you can use to reach your chosen destination, from a mechanical bird to a giant blue cube. One such vehicle is the Voyager, a retrofuturistic car that resembles the bonnet of an NYC taxi with rocket engines strapped to the back of it. Yes, it is exactly as cool as it sounds.

The Voyager is guaranteed to set you apart from the crowd during racing competitions and other Tower of Fantasy events, but be warned: it takes some effort to look this flashy. Like most of the vehicles in the free PC game, the Tower of Fantasy Voyager vehicle parts are scattered across the map, and they must be retrieved before you can access the Voyager from the vehicles menu. In this guide, we’ll be including the coordinates of each part’s location, along with the hoops you need to jump through in order to take them for yourself.

Tower of Fantasy Voyager vehicle parts

The Tower of Fantasy Voyager is split into four vehicle parts: the Voyager Engine, Voyager Thruster, Voyager Hull, and Voyager Control Station.

Tower of Fantasy Voyager: The Voyager as displayed in the vehicles menu of Tower of Fantasy, which indicates the four parts required to unlock it: the Voyager Engine, Voyager Thruster, Voyager Hull, and Voyager Control Station.

Voyager Engine

Before you can retrieve the Voyager Engine vehicle part, you must first complete the Hyenas’ Banges Base side mission, and gain access to the Hyenas’ Navia base. Begin the mission by speaking to the Hyena guard stationed on the lower level of Rig FC-21 – located off the western coast (-1224, 80) – and attempt to persuade him that you’re a Hyena member. He won’t believe you, but this will update the mission in your log. Fast travel to the Banges Dock spacerift and speak to Lozwall, the port guard that patrols past the pizzeria. Return to the Hyena guard and choose the following dialogue options:

  • “To be the most liberal Hyena!”
  • “For the most liberal Hyena!”

After successfully infiltrating the Hyenas Banges base, read the Hyena Classified Document posted on the wall of the building on the second floor, as well as the one next to the supply pod on the metal platform. From there, make your way to Rig FC-11, situated just off the northern coast of Navia (-1049, -963). Interact with the Hyena guard and select the following options:

  • “I’m here for the Hyenas Carnival.”
  • “Hyena Queen”
  • “This is the seventh Hyenas Carnival.”
  • “The Heirs of Aida of course.”

Once you’re inside, use your jetpack to reach the hungry Hyena guard on the metal platform. In order to sate his hunger, you must hand over two portions of Sizzling Meat. You might have these in your inventory already, but if not, you need to add four Game Meat to one of the many cooking pots scattered across the map. Once you’ve handed over the Sizzling Meat to the Hyena member, he’ll grant you access to the supply pod he’s guarding. Interact with the supply pod to finally receive the Voyager Engine. Phew.

Voyager Hull

If you thought we were done with the Hyenas, I have some bad news for you. In order to retrieve the Voyager Hull vehicle part, you need to spend a little more time on Rig FC-11. The Hyena member directly below the metal platform, Morgley, holds your first clue as to the whereabouts of the Voyager Hull, but he’ll demand an Iced Strawberry Soda from you in return. If you don’t have an Iced Strawberry Soda to hand, you can craft one in a cooking pot using two Strawberries, two Honey, and one Carbonated Water. Speak with Morgley to hand over the drink and receive the Console Components

With the Console Components in hand, you can now activate the three radio towers situated around Navia Bay.

The first radio tower (-732, -560) only requires a password. Interact with the central console in the tower’s control room and input 5972 in order to activate it.

The second radio tower (-463, -350) doesn’t require a password, but its generators have sustained damage, rendering it inoperable. The first damaged generator is situated on the floating walkway encircling the exterior of the radio tower, while the other lies inside the control room. In order to repair both generators, you need three tool sets. The quickest way to get your hands on a tool set is by redeeming a fine gift from the points store, and then selecting it from your inventory to convert it into a tool set. Once both generators are repaired, activate the tower by interacting with the console in the control room.

The third radio tower (-258, -538) is where the Console Components come into play. Simply affix the components to the central console in the control room, then interact with the workstation directly opposite to activate the tower.

Tower of Fantasy Voyager: The futuristic teleporter in the middle of Navia Bay, which takes you to the ecological park where the Voyager Hull and Colossus Arm can be located.

Now that all three radio towers are active, head to the teleporter in the middle of Navia Bay itself (-444, -590) and use it to enter the ecological park. Open the four supply pods to receive a surfeit of rare currencies, but more importantly, the Voyager Hull. Before you leave, don’t forget to open the special supply pod located at the top of the central podium to receive the Colossus Arm relic – an exceptional added bonus after so much legwork.

Voyager Thruster

The Voyager Thruster vehicle part has a chance to drop after defeating one of the Four Powers: Okka (-697, -721), Hethlu (-684, -976), Smoli (-670, -824), and Sendrys (-420.0, -766). Each of the Four Powers are stationed at various points just beyond the perimeter of Cetus Island on the Tower of Fantasy map.

As is the case with most minibosses in Tower of Fantasy, the Four Powers are bolstered by a reinforced health bar, and can pack quite a punch. However, there’s no special method to dispatching them, and you should have little trouble even with the mobs patrolling their vicinity.

The steps to acquire the Voyager Thruster are about as straightforward as you can get in an RPG game, but be prepared for a lot of repetition. The odds for the Voyager Thruster to drop are excruciatingly low – we’re talking less than 1%. Thankfully, multiple opportunities to receive it makes its drop rate slightly less difficult to bear, and the Four Powers are blessed with a high respawn.

Voyager Control Station

The Voyager Control Station vehicle part is by far the easiest to acquire. Travel to Seaforth Dock in the Crown Mines region and locate the supply pod sealed behind an electronic barrier (510, 765). Simply disable the barrier by inputting 3594 into the electronic lock, and interact with the supply pod to retrieve the Voyager Control Station vehicle part that lies within.

Aida is chock-full of electronic locks obstructing access to rare loot and currency, so check out our Tower of Fantasy password list for the location of each electronic lock to find and disable them all.

Congratulations, you now have all four Tower of Fantasy Voyager vehicle parts! All that’s left to do is access the vehicles menu to combine the vehicle parts to unlock your very own rocket-powered taxi. If you’re planning to take it for a spin across Aida, why not check out every Tower of Fantasy constellation location to score some easy loot? Alternatively, ensure your team is composed of the best Tower of Fantasy characters by taking a look at our Tower of Fantasy tier list, which includes the likes of Frigg and Samir.