Quake remastered devs want an Unreal game remake

Nightdive Studios, the team behind last year's Quake remastered release and the System Shock remake, has 'reached out' to Epic to do an Unreal game remake

A Skaarj alien leaps at the player - who doesn't want an Unreal 1 game remake?

An Unreal game remake could be on the cards from the team behind last year’s Quake remastered. Apparently, Nightdive Studios has “reached out” to Epic Games about a possible Unreal 1 remastered release – which would finally mark the return of one of the best FPS games on PC.

Despite the popularity of Epic’s Unreal Engine – which these days powers everything from The Witcher 4 to the next game from the Alien Isolation team, as well as the studio’s own Fortnite – the engine hasn’t been used to create a new Unreal game since the free Unreal Tournament game, which is pretty dead now.

While it’s not a new Unreal single-player game, Nightdive Studios – the team behind the Quake remaster, bringing Doom 64 to PC, and the upcoming System Shock remake – wants to remaster the original, best Unreal game. According to Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick, Unreal and Gears of War co-creator Cliff Bleszinski “reached out” to Epic head Tim Sweeney after Quake remastered released in order to “give Unreal the same treatment.”

While it sadly sounds like nothing’s been confirmed at this time, Nightdive’s CEO suggests that fans after an Unreal 1 remake should let Tim Sweeney know. Cliff Bleszinski’s reply to the thread – simply stating he isn’t “saying anything for legal reasons” – is cryptic but the fact that he replied at all is notable. Hopefully, it’s the positive kind of notable.

It’s not a new Unreal game, but its fellow Epic shooter series Gears of War may get a Halo-style collection. Could it be announced at Summer Game Fest next week?