This V Rising armor lets you be a sparkly Twilight vampire

Forget Dracula, when can you be a sparkly teen Twilight vampire in the vampire survival game? This V Rising armor leak should let you cosplay Robert Pattinson

A vampire sparkles like that Twilight Robert Pattinson guy, in this V Rising armor leak

A V Rising armour leak has revealed a new set coming to the survival game which allows players to turn their character into a sparkly teen vampire from the Twilight movies. Yes, you’ll soon be able to cosplay as Robert Pattinson – and no, not that one.

V Rising is already proving a hit on Steam, with the goal being to ultimately create your own all-powerful Dracula. As spotted by Demone Kim on YouTube, developer Stunlock Studios could add the option for players to create a very different famous vampire. The YouTuber was “digging around in the files” for the vampire game and found details on a new gear set, with some very familiar properties.

This armour set allows players to “become immune to sun damage”, which is extremely useful, but the note that it also makes their characters “sparkle when standing in the sun” should raise the eyebrows of anyone familiar with the Twilight series. Just to spell it out even further, it is literally called the Twilight armour set.

It’s entirely possible that this was put in by the developer as a joke for testing purposes, or alternatively, is being prepared for a later update where players may need to travel in the sun more often. Still, it’d be fun to play as an attractive non-threatening teen vampire.

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