Vampire Survivors update 0.7 adds stage 5 and probably chaos

Currently down for June 9 alongside Summer Game Fest, Vampire Survivors update 0.7 brings in the full new stage 5 - but what weirdness will happen this time?

Vampire Survivors update 0.7 hits on June 9 so may we finally know what this weird mask is about

The new Vampire Survivors update 0.7 hits on June 9, just in time for Summer Game Fest, and it’ll bring stage 5 to the roguelike game – as well as likely more insanity. Other than a new level, the Vampire Survivors patch notes confirm new power-ups and an additional weapon, plus its evolution.

The 0.7.0 update for the vampire game has an ETA of June 9 and the patch notes are now available on the Vampire Survivors Discord – but, as fans know by now, the patch notes are deliberately vague. The 0.6.1 update notes claimed “less content than usual,” for example, and it turned out to be the game’s biggest, craziest patch yet.

Developer Poncle confirms the “first iteration” of the proper Stage 5, two new Arcana abilities, one new weapon and its evolution, and one new power-up. There’s a lot unsaid here, as usual, as “one new weapon” could easily be swarms of angry cats. There will also be a toggle to turn off Golden Egg bonuses, as well as some bug fixes for them not working, and power-up costs will now increase by a flat rate rather than a percentage.

The weirdest note is about how the stage selection screen will soon highlight when a lunar eclipse event is available in Moongolow. Previously, this was the root cause of all the insane goings-on in update 0.6.1, but this event currently only occurs the first time you play it. It’s possible the event may be repeatable as of 0.7. As for what the new stage 5 may be about, it can’t be any weirder than Moongolow and Holy Forbidden, right?

Vampire Survivors is now on Game Pass for PC, so now you have another excuse to give it a try and experience the insanity for yourself.

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