Competition: We’ve two bundles of Fury goodies to give away to World of Tanks fans

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The folks over at Wargaming are big fans of the film Fury. Not because it’s based around a lone M4 tank crew’s crusade against the Germans in World War 2 but they say it’s the best thing Shia LaBeouf’s done since Even Stevens.

Last year, to celebrate the film, Wargaming released an in-game version of the eponymous tank, the M4A3E8. They’ve given us two of the last virtual tanks in their stores to give away, along with a two copies of the film on Blu-ray, and two family tickets to visit the tank museum in Bovington where you can see the tank used in the movie.

All you need to do is answer one little question, the two best answers win prizes.

Bovington’s tank museum played a big part in the filming of Fury: they lent both their Tiger 131 and Sherman M4 tank to its production. The Tiger 131 is the last functioning of its kind in the world and the M4 was Fury itself.

After filming completed Wargaming and Bovington worked out a deal with Sony Pictures and Norman Productions to run an exhibit dedicated to Fury until the end of 2015. Wargaming’s given us two family tickets (two adults, two children) to the exhibit to give away to you, our readers.

As well as the tanks, the exhibition has a load of images and footage from the film, and props & uniforms worn on set.

Along with the family ticket winners will receive a Blu-ray of the film and their very own M4A3E8 Fury Sherman to use in World of Tanks. It will come with a garage slot and seven days of premier account time, too.

So, for your chance to win a virtual tank, a museum ticket, and a copy of the Fury on Blu-ray, you have to answer this simple question in the comments below:

What would you call your tank and why?

The answers we think are funniest will be selected as winners after the contest closes on March 24.