We’re giving away 1000 Halloween loot boxes for World of Warships – grab yours now!


There is only a day to go till the spookiest night of the year arrives. Watch out for your enemies in their scary attire as they creep behind you to yell out, “Fire!” To celebrate, we have teamed up with Wargaming.net to give away Halloween loot boxes for World of Warships, and they’re up for grabs right now!

What is World of Warships? It’s a battleship royale strategy game fitted in a 3D environment seascape. Expect to be dodging enemy fire in the open sea while plotting your course of action on a tactical map. Read up on what we thought of the game to find out more about it.

As a captain, not only will you want to up the defense of your ship, but looking triumphantly fearful is part of war, too. This is where the loot boxes giveaway comes in handy, where things like new ships, flags, and extra XP will help you get into the Halloween mood.

Normally, the loot boxes are earned by playing the second PvE Operation for free, or they can be purchased in-game for $2.99. But as part of our giveaway you can grab a code to earn one Halloween loot box right now. What’s inside your loot box is picked out at random once you open it.

Please do note that the giveaway codes are only valid until Sunday, November 26th 2017, and they will only work in the EU servers. All you need to do is complete one of the actions available in the widget below and you should receive your code. There are redemption instructions below if you need them.

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World of Warships giveaway

To redeem your bonus codes, just follow these simple steps: