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Best Zenless Zone Zero Nicole build

If the pink-haired leader of the Cunning Hares, the indomitable Nicole, is top of your list of Agents, here’s the best ZZZ build for her.

Best ZZZ Nicole build: a pink-haired anime character,. Nicole, looks ahead, a small smile on her face.

What is the best ZZZ Nicole build? Nicole is the bubbly, pink-haired leader of the Cunning Hares, who kickstarts our Zenless Zone Zero adventure with her sharp eye and quick thinking. These aren’t her only skills though, as she makes an fiery addition to any squad.

If you want to add Nicole to your ZZZ team comp, you need the best build for the wily leader, capitalizing on her Zenless Zone Zero Ether Attribute, talents, and base skills. We’ve been playing a lot with Nicole in the Zenless Zone Zero beta, and she’s one of our go-to Agents, so here’s the best Nicole build right now. Just keep in mind that it could change when the ZZZ release date arrives, but we’ll update our guide when that rolls around.

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The best ZZZ Nicole build

The best Nicole build is:

  • W-Engine:
    • The Vault (A-Rank)
  • Disk Drives:
    • Chaotic Metal (two-piece set)
    • Noisy Pop (four-piece set)

Best ZZZ Nicole W-Engine

W-Engine Effects
The Vault EX Special Attacks deal additional damage equal to 800% of defense. This effect can only be triggered once every eight seconds.

The Vault is an excellent ZZZ W-Engine for any Agent, but Nicole has one of the best base defense stats of any A-tier Agent, so it is a particularly good choice for her. Meanwhile, her attack isn’t the best, so use any boost possible.

Best ZZZ Nicole Disk Drives

Disk Drive Effects
Chaotic Metal (two-piece set) +10% Ether damage
Noisy Pop (four-piece set) +10% attack, and Damage dealt by Basic Attacks is increased by 15%.

For Nicole’s six Disk Drive slots, we’ve chosen a two-piece set and a four-piece set that synergize with her Anomaly while also boosting her lowest stats.

First off, Chaotic Metal is a great match for Nicole as it’s two-piece bonus Ether damage by 10%. This increases the damage dealt by both Nicole’s Special Attack and EX Special Attack, as well as Nicole’s Chain Attack when selected. With the Noisy Pop four-piece set on top, we also boost Nicole’s basic attack damage by 15% and her overall attack by 10%. Altogether, these Disk Drives improve the attack dealt by every one of Nicole’s moves when her attack base stat is one of her weakest.

When selecting Zenless Zone Zero Disk Drives, if you have any duplicates and are having trouble choosing, be sure to check the random base stat boost of each. For Nicole, your best general choice is any Disk Drive that increases HP, attack, or crit rate, as these are her weakest areas. With this particular build, though, you might want to keep an eye out for Disk Drives that boost defense to give even more power to that W-Engine. On top of all of this, don’t forget to level up and promote Nicole to boost her base stats as much as possible.

In order to fulfill the best Zenless Zone Zero Nicole build, be sure to participate in the latest ZZZ banners, as duplicate Nicole pulls give you Agent Profiles to unlock her passive talents. To get more Signal Searches, check out our guide on how to earn more Zenless Zone Zero Film, and participate in current ZZZ events for even more rewards. If you’re struggling to choose who else to have on your team, check our Zenless Zone Zero tier list to find out who’s best of the best.