Ark: Survival Evolved is next week’s free PC game on Epic

Studio Wildcard's open-world survival game Ark: Survival Evolved will be next week's free game on the Epic Games Store, starting Sept. 22

Ark: Survival Evolved free game on Epic: A feathered dinosaur watches as flying pterosaurs soar over a river

Another Thursday means another big helping of free PC games from the Epic Games Store, as well as a peek at what’s coming next week. This week, you can pick up free copies of Icelandic fox adventure Spirit of the North and the spacefaring adventure The Captain. Starting next week, you’ll have yet another opportunity to get a free copy of Ark: Survival Evolved, the survival game with dinosaurs in it.

Ark has been free on the Epic Games Store before – it was the featured free game back in 2020, to celebrate its fifth anniversary. Since then, Ark has seen its final set of paid DLC expansions roll out, including one with former Tenth Doctor David Tennant and the conclusion of the Genesis arc.

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All of this is leading inexorably to the coming launch of Ark 2, which features Vin Diesel in both starring and production roles, as well as Dark Souls-style combat. We’re expecting that out sometime next year.

Along with Ark: Survival Evolved, you’ll also be able to grab a free copy of digital board game Gloomhaven on the Epic Store next week. Both games will be free to own September 22-29.

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