BattleBit dev thinks EA can still make a “stunner” of a Battlefield

BattleBit naturally draws comparisons to EA's Battlefield, with the indie team thinking that the that the bigger shooter just needs "time and freedom" to work.

BattleBit just keeps on getting bigger, as the colossal FPS game from a tiny team is currently one of Steam’s greatest success stories. With loads of content and post-launch support planned, one of the BattleBit developers takes to Reddit to answer some player questions, with Battlefield naturally coming up.

The BattleBit team is asked by Reddit user Strider2126 in a recent AMA if they think there’s “anything that the Battlefield devs could learn from you?” with developer ‘TheLiquidHorse’ showing some hopeful positivity for EA’s series, which BattleBit takes a lot of cues from.

“We are just some newbies in this field, the devs prob know things way better than we do,” TheLiquidHorse says. “What happened in the last few years there wasn’t their fault, I think they would still be able to deliver an absolute stunner of a Battlefield if they would have the time and freedom.”

BattleBit devs think EA can still make a "stunner" of a Battlefield

With plenty of BattleBit guns, vehicles, and massive multiplayer combat that all rivals EA’s Battlefield, it’s been quite obvious that the team behind the blocky shooter has taken some inspiration from there. Quickly becoming a Steam top seller after launch, BattleBit has already been a massive success and has shown a willingness to rival and push the Battlefield series, so it’ll be interesting to see where the small team lands once BattleBit quietens down a bit.

It’s no secret that Battlefield has been struggling in recent years; the most recent release of Battlefield 2042 launched in a pretty sorry state and somewhat struggled to find its feet since then, at least in comparison to the competition like Call of Duty.

Everything’s coming full circle though, as Call of Duty studio Infinity Ward co-founder Vince Zampella is now heading up the Battlefield series, as EA wants to revamp the shooters with an array of experiences currently in the pipeline.

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With a BattleBit update outlining lots of big plans for the future of the team shooter, from loads of maps to weapons, features, vehicles, game modes, and features, what’s next is certainly looking good, but only time will tell if BattleBit or Battlefield will come out on top.

There was a lot in the Reddit AMA for you to sink your teeth into, with the team addressing concerns about the BattleBit SteamDeck support by saying, “We still plan to support EAC and Steamdeck Users, don’t worry we will keep you all in mind.”

As the large-scale competitive multiplayer game genre looks more and more interesting, you’ll want to check out all the BattleBit codes currently giving out in-game freebies, alongside our breakdown of BattleBit controller support, if a keyboard and mouse just isn’t for you.