The best Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Pellington 703 loadout

The best quickscoping sniper rifle in Call of Duty Cold War

Best Call of Duty Cold War Pellington 703 loadout and class

Looking for the best Call of Duty Cold War Pellington laodout? The 703 bolt-action sniper is sure to be a favourite of quickscopers thanks to its high mobility, relatively quick aim down sight speed, and one-shot kill potential. Sure there’s only a minor difference between the Pellington and the Tundra, but that minor difference can be the difference between staying on a streak or getting killed because you’re stuck in the rechambering animation.

Our Pellington 703 loadout opts for attachment changes that perfect the sniper rifle rather than buffing it drastically in any one department. We’ve also designed this particular setup for standard multiplayer modes in mind – there’s no telling how this weapon will perform when Cold War Warzone arrive, but you can always check out our list of the best Warzone guns for help.

If you’re just here for the best Pellington 703 attachments then you’ll find those just below, but we’ve also included the full Pellington 703 class build in case you want some course correction on what perks and equipment to bring.

Best Call of Duty Cold War Pellington 703 loadout

The best Pellington 703 loadout is:

Primary weapon: Pellington 703

  • Stabilizer .308
  • 25″ Reinforced Heavy
  • Bipod
  • 7 Rnd Speed Mag
  • Airborne Elastic Wrap

Secondary weapon: Gallo SA12

  • Duckbill Choke
  • 21.4″ Paratrooper
  • Steady Aim Laser
  • STANAG 12 Rd Tube
  • No Stock

Tactical: Stimshot
Lethal: Molotov
Field Upgrade: Field Mic

Perk 1: Flak Jacket
Perk 2: Tactical Mask
Perk 3: Gung-Ho

Wildcard: Law Breaker

Starting with the best Pellington 703 attachments, the Stabilizer .308 helps reduce idle sway so you can trust your aim a bit easier and worry less when hard-scoping. Next up we have the 25″ Reinforced Heavy, which effectively cancels out the Stabilizer, but also adds a vital +11% fire rate, which will make this an incredibly effective quickscoping sniper. The Bipod adds a haul of recoil aids, but we mainly want it for the +15% centering speed that’s so important for quickscoping and quickly transitioning between targets. 7 Rnd Speed Mag is our pick of the lot when it comes to magazine attachments for the Pellington as it mitigates the lengthy bullet-by-bullet reload speeds without adding any particularly nasty side effects. Finally, we have the Airborne Elastic Wrap, which will massively reduce aim punch, helping you stay on target under extreme pressure – you’ll also get an aim down sight speed buff.

As for the rest of the class… The Gallo SA12 is outrageously effective in close-quarters fights and will save you countless times. It’s so good you can easily keep a killstreak going after you’ve used all of your sniper rounds.

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We’ve opted for the Law Breaker Wildcard so we can have the Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask Cold War perks, which together save us from the absurd number of explosives and stuns being used (thanks to the Danger Close Wildcard). The final perk is Gung-Ho so we can reload while printing between fights. Take whatever Field Upgrades you prefer, but we like the Field Mic for a little intel.