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Best MW2 Victus XMR loadout

This new sniper is one of the most powerful guns in MW2, but if you want to run 'n' gun with it then you'll want our best Modern Warfare 2 Victus XMR loadout.

Best Modern Warfare 2 Victus XMR loadout: side view preview of the sniper rifle

Our best Modern Warfare 2 Victus XMR loadout harnesses the evergreen one-shot kill potential of this .50 cal bolt-action behemoth without it being so bulky that can’t effectively quickscope with it. It might not be the fastest option, but a single shot to even the lower torso at any range makes this a very compelling option.

To stand up against your enemies in one of the best PC games of 2022, you need the best MW2 guns. Of them, the best MW2 sniper rifles marry massive single-shot damage with relatively high mobility, and the Victus XMR arrives in Modern Warfare 2 with the best damage and range of any gun in the game. Unlike our best MW2 Signal 50 loadout, this Victus XMR is built for speed as well as damage.

Here’s the best Modern Warfare 2 Victus XMR loadout:

  • Barrel: Mack 8 21.5 Short
  • Laser: 1 MW Quick Fire Laser
  • Stock: XRK Rise 50
  • Rear Grip: Bruen Q900 Grip

You’ll note we’ve not filled all five attachment slots and the reason for that is we want to keep the weight as low as possible, which means faster aim-down sight speeds and a better Modern Warfare 2 quickscope class.

The Mack 8 21.5 Short does lower the damage and range of this sniper a lot, but as the base build is the most lethal sniper in the game, you’re really not losing much power in the small maps of core multiplayer.

The laser, XRK Rise 50 stock, and Bruen Q900 Grip all shave a bit more weight off this sniper with the only downside being worse recoil control, which is something that barely affects bolt-action sniper rifles anyway.

If you do want to keep the long-range effectiveness of this gun then try using the default barrel instead – you could also switch to a slightly less bulky optic to keep the ADS time low.

We recommend pairing this with either the best MW2 P890, or one of the best Modern Warfare 2 shotguns or SMGs. You’ll want Overkill, Battle Hardened, Focus, and Ghost for your perks, plus the Claymore and Stim for your equipment.

And that’s everything you need to build out the best Modern Warfare 2 Victus XMR loadout. We’ve got a dedicated guide on how to unlock the MW2 Victus XMR in case you’re struggling with the new battle pass at all.