Warzone 2 invisibility glitch causing chaos for any unlucky to see it

A Warzone 2 invisibility glitch, which was prevalent in the first battle royale game, now looks to be plaguing the new Call of Duty FPS game

Warzone 2 invisibility glitch: ghost and Farah's operators wielding guns stood in the back of a helicopter that has it's hatch open

The newest iteration of the Call of Duty battle royale game is here and, while Warzone 2 is dividing players with its changes to the formula many had gotten used to, there are still plenty of bugs and glitches making the rounds in the FPS game. Chief among these issues is the return of a glitch from the original Warzone, as a Warzone 2 invisibility bug is giving some players of the multiplayer game a completely unfair, and unknown to them, advantage.

As shown off by XSET streamer Evan ‘SuperEvan’ Moore, there’s some pretty cut and dry footage of the glitch in action. It’s currently unclear how widespread the glitch is though, and while it isn’t a deliberate design choice like the worst Call of Duty skin, it’s definitely going to cause issues in Warzone 2 matches if it keeps cropping up.

Here’s how the Warzone 2 invisibility glitch works: for some unknown reason one player can’t be seen by the other, at all, despite being detected on the other player’s screen. Naturally this gives the invisible player a completely unfair advantage and, as seen in Moore’s clip below the kill cam clearly shows that the invisible player is in his line of sight, just invisible for some reason. Not even the best Warzone 2 guns can save you from this one.

If you want even more proof, the thread under Moore’s tweet has plenty more examples of the Warzone 2 invisibility glitch in action across the entire Warzone 2 map of Al Mazrah. As mentioned, it’s currently unclear if this is an entirely accidental glitch or if there’s a specific way to trigger it, and we don’t have a way to counter it right now either. So if you encounter an invisible enemy in your Warzone 2 matches, tough luck I guess.

I’d imagine that if Infinity Ward don’t already know about the Warzone 2 invisibility glitch they will soon. The issue isn’t on the extensive Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 trello board though, suggesting that Infinity Ward isn’t yet looking into a fix or has the Warzone 2 invisibility glitch on their list of changes to make.

The story doesn’t start or end here though, as the Steam reviews for Warzone 2 have been tanking due to a plethora of tech issues in the free-to-play Call of Duty game. While the frustration is warranted, it’s important to remember that almost all free-to-play games will undergo growing pains at launch as thousands – if not millions – of players dive into the experience, so it’s always better to give these things time.

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