Warzone 2 UI and menu remake would solve all our Call of Duty problems

Warzone 2 menus and the battle royale game’s UI have been trouble since Infinity Ward relaunched Call of Duty, but this Modern Warfare 2 concept would be ideal

Warzone 2 UI and menu remake would solve all our Call of Duty problems. A Mexican sicario with long dark hair looks right into your eyes in Modern Warfare 2

Warzone 2, the latest Call of Duty battle royale game from Infinity Ward, has been a source of frustration following its November launch, as the UI and menus, similar to those in Modern Warfare 2, feel complex and impenetrable. A revised interface system would be the solution to a lot of issues, and we hope Activision is paying attention, as one CoD YouTuber has generated a near-perfect redesign.

The best Warzone 2 loadout is vital for winning in the CoD FPS game, but putting them together, or even knowing what you’ve unlocked, can be a challenge in and of itself owing to Call of Duty’s menu design.

With Modern Warfare 2 season one underway, it feels like we’re overdue for a UI overhaul – as we acclimatise to scoring killstreaks with the best Warzone 2 LMGs, our abilities in combat remain undermined by our struggles with the social menus and the Modern Warfare 2 gunsmith.

Call of Duty YouTuber ‘Harrison Makes Things’ seems to offer a solution, demonstrating several proposed changes to the Warzone 2 UI, menus, and player HUD. First, they suggest adding more icons to the in-game team display, so that you can see whether you or your comrades are carrying a gas mask or a killstreak bonus. This would save having to constantly ask who has what, and whether you’re sufficiently geared up to survive the next phase.

Pinging locations is also a fuss in Warzone 2, as your markers are white, meaning they blend in with the rest of the Al Mazrah map. Changing these to bright, primary colours, which match your in-game player colour, would make it a lot easier to see where precisely a ping is being dropped, and who’s placing it.

Ground looting also gets a rework from Harrison, and although the changes are simple and straightforward, they make collecting guns and knowing what you’re getting in the bargain seem a lot easier.

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All Harrison does is alter the font and the background colour on weapon panels, and now you don’t need to squint to see what you’re grabbing. It’s such a basic fix, that instantly distinguishes a basic gun from, say, the best Warzone 2 RAAL MG loadout, that we’d be very surprised if Infinity Ward doesn’t add it in future.

The new UI concept also removes the social hub screen and simplifies the friend menu into a basic list, rather than the gigantic panels which mean scrolling for pages through everyone you know, or have played with recently.

Similarly, the Modern Warfare 2 loadout menu has been changed to a clear, accessible vertical list, rather than the horizontal panels that you can only see six at a time. It’s a comprehensive overhaul, wonderfully displayed by Harrison Makes Things’ YouTube comparison. Maybe this will be the one that finally brings about change.

If you’re still embroiled in the Warzone despite the UI issues, make sure you know how to get Warzone 2 black site keys, to put those loadouts together quicker. Knowing how to get the Warzone 2 nuke is the first step to winning games rapidly, or you can try some other fantastic multiplayer games if the Warzone 2 HUD is proving too much.