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How to repair and refuel vehicles in Warzone 2

Knowing how to repair and refuel vehicles in Warzone 2 is vital for traversing Al Mazrah, whether that be to capture a Stronghold or rush the extraction point

Warzone 2 how to repair and refuel vehicles: A soldier braced against the door of a dropside supply truck, taking aim at their target with a sniper rifle.

If you’re planning a road trip across Al Mazrah, knowing how to repair and refuel vehicles in Warzone 2 is essential in order to reach your destination in one piece. Al Mazrah is massive, so if you’re looking to quickly and efficiently complete objectives you won’t get anywhere fast while travelling on foot. The best course of action is to find yourself a set of wheels, but using a vehicle makes you a very obvious target for enemy combatants.

Thankfully, unlike the vehicles in the last battle royale game in the series, Warzone 2 vehicles can receive maintenance to extend their use after they’ve sustained damage. The downside is that they now require fuel in order to run, and if you’re not paying attention to how much gas you’ve got in the tank, you can easily find yourself stranded and vulnerable in the middle of the Warzone 2 map. Without further ado, here’s how to repair and refuel vehicles in Warzone 2.

How to repair and refuel your vehicle

Your fuel meter can be located at the bottom of your HUD alongside other vehicle stats, such as the damage it’s sustained and the number of passengers you’ve got along for the ride. Once you’re in the red zone, you can stop to refuel at a gas station, or by retrieving gas cans located in the FPS game’s environment to manually refill a fraction of the tank.

If your vehicle’s taken a few knocks and you don’t want to lose it, Warzone 2 also includes the option to repair the damage. All vehicles can receive repairs at gas stations in order to restore their body and tires to their former glory. Additionally, if you sustain tire damage on the road, you can give them a quick fix by leaving your vehicle and interacting with whichever tire needs TLC. If you plan to survive a road trip across Al Mazrah, performing vehicle repairs is essential. A damaged tire makes your vehicle more difficult to control, and riding around without any doors leaves you vulnerable to enemy fire.

Knowing how to repair and refuel your vehicle may improve your survival odds against most artillery, but this doesn’t extend to the Warzone 2 nuke, which can be used for an easy win in the multiplayer game – you just have to find it first. If you’re looking for firepower that can steer you to victory, Warzone 2 Strongholds and Black Sites are excellent sources for the best loadouts. Finally, be sure to hop into DMZ mode and pick up one of the best guns in Warzone 2 by taking on the Chemist and his cronies.