Warzone 2 weapon XP bug lets you max out Call of Duty guns in one game

Warzone 2 weapon XP can be levelled to the max in one game, though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and battle royale game DMZ could be patched soon, so act now

Warzone 2 weapon XP bug lets you max out Call of Duty guns in one game: General Shepherd from FPS game Modern Warfare 2 scrutinises some military intelligence

Warzone 2 weapon XP can be levelled from minimum to maximum in a single match of the Call of Duty battle royale game, though Modern Warfare 2 season one and DMZ mode could be patched by Activision and Infinity Ward soon, so if you want the boost your best Warzone 2 loadout, you need to act now.

The best Warzone 2 SMGs can be hard to level up, as can individual weapons, like the best Warzone 2 RAAL MG loadout. With the map so varied and competition so tough, choosing a gun and sticking to it, when you confront so many different situations, makes dedicated grinding a difficult prospect. But there’s a fresh exploit that can transform your weapons and unlock all their attachment slots just from a single Warzone 2 match. Here’s how it works.

First thing you need to do is get your hands on the gun you want to level. The best option is to find an area with a lot of lootable cash registers – IceManIsaac, who shares this exploit over their YouTube channel, recommends dropping in near the base of the High Rise POI, where there are 18 cash registers available.

Once you’re sufficiently monied, hit up a buy station and purchase your personal loadout. You should have the gun in your hands now that you want to level, and this is where the bug comes in. Dotted around Al Mazrah are various contracts called safecracker. When you complete one of these, by blowing a safe open with C4, you gain a pretty decent amount of XP, but when you complete a second one, and then a third, and then a fourth, the amount of XP almost doubles each time. By the time you reach your final safe, as long as you have the gun equipped that you want to level, you should receive enough XP to level it straight to the top.

And that’s not all. From looting all those cash registers and cracking all those safes, you should have plenty of cash. You get XP in Warzone 2 just from accessing and using the buy station – the game awards you for, as it were, taking part in its various mechanics. So, with all that dollar, head to a buy station and purchase armour plates. They’re the cheapest item, and the more you buy, the more XP you gain. This becomes yet another way to propel your weapon XP from min to max in a single round. IceManIsaac shows the trick in action.

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You can expect Infinity Ward and Activision to figure this out pretty soon and patch it, so if you want to bump your guns right to the top, get into Warzone 2 and act now. And of course, if you want to know how to buy back teammates in Warzone 2, having a bunch of cash and some beefy guns is bound to help.

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