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Warzone 2 XP farming glitch nerfed, but not patched, in DMZ

A Warzone 2 XP farming glitch has already been nerfed in the Call of Duty battle royale game, but it's still doable in DMZ for the time being

Warzone 2 XP farming glitch nerfed, but not patched, in DMZ

Warzone 2 XP farming is out of control, or at least it was. As an incredibly popular weapon XP glitch has been nerfed in the battle royale game by developers Raven Software and Infinity Ward, which helps players get massive amounts of money in the free Call of Duty game and use that to level up weapons. The Warzone 2 XP glitch is seemingly still possible in the FPS game for now, but your rewards for trying it have been reduced.

When a free PC game like Warzone 2 comes along, there’s bound to be plenty of glitches and exploits around the time of launch. Players will very quickly discover and share these glitches that break the game, and now a way to quickly farm weapon XP in Warzone 2 DMZ appears to have been quietly nerfed, but not removed entirely. So you’d better get in fast if you want to enhance your best Warzone 2 loadout weapons fast.

To start, here’s how the Warzone 2 XP glitch works: load up DMZ with the weapon equipped you want to level up, buy the biggest backpack available at a buy station, then place your cash and a weapon near to each other on the floor. Here comes the trick part though, aim at the weapon so the screen pop-up for it appears to grab, then slowly back up so you’re still aiming at the weapon but the screen pop-up is replaced by the one for the cash. Then hold to stow the weapon, and what the game should do is give you infinite Warzone 2 DMZ money. It also works anywhere on the Warzone 2 map, just make sure it’s a quiet spot.

Then you just buy, buy, and keep buying. This will give the weapon your holding weapon XP in Warzone 2, so you’ll be levelling the best Warzone 2 guns in absolutely no time.

While this glitch still appears to be doable in the Call of Duty game, it looks like it’s been substantially nerfed. You can still get the $1.3 million in in-game cash, but the weapon XP gains associated with buying have been reduced dramatically, likely as a short term solution for the issue before it is removed entirely from Warzone 2 DMZ.

Some suggest buying plates, as they can still give you the equivalent of hundreds of weapon kills when all of the $1.3 million is used to buy them, but we haven’t had the chance to test this.

Here’s the thing, even if the weapon XP aspect of this Warzone 2 glitch has been nerfed significantly, you can still carry and exfil with the maximum amount of in-game money, and use that for whatever you want in Warzone 2. So the Call of Duty glitch absolutely still has its uses. Sadly none of this will help you get a Warzone 2 nuke though, but we can dream.

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