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The best Kilo 141 Warzone setup

The Kilo 141 is arguably the most underrated weapon in Warzone, here are the best attachments to use with it

Best Kilo 141 Warzone

Looking for the best Kilo 141 Warzone setup? There are a couple of contenders for the title of best assault rifle in Warzone, but few would suggest that the Kilo 141 is worth piling into your Warzone loadout drop. However, if you pick the right attachments for the job then this maligned AR can perform like one of the best Warzone guns.

The base version of the Kilo 141 is a pretty unremarkable weapon in Warzone, despite having the same base damage as the M4A1 in Warzone it’s mediocre rate of fire means the Kilo 141 has one of the slowest time-to-kill stats in its class. So, why pick it? Level this AR up enough and you’ll unlock a very powerful attachment: a 100-round drum mag. This obviously slows the AR’s aim down sight speed significantly, but with a few ADS buffing attachments you can get the ammo capacity of an LMG without the abysmal ‘gun ready’ time.

This build is by no means the best weapon for Call of Duty’s battle royale mode, but it turns a pretty average gun into something distinct and powerful.

Best Kilo 141 Warzone setup

The best Kilo 141 Warzone attachments are:

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Tac Laser
  • FSS Close Quarters Stock
  • 100 Round Drums
  • Stippled Grip Tape

As for what to run this gun with, we’d suggest bringing the best Akimbo pistols in Warzone as your sidearm, the Renettis. Ghost and Cold-Blooded are pretty essential for staying off radars and thermal, so it’s up to you what you take as your third perk – we suggest Tracker.

The 100 Round Drums mean you can hose a squad of enemies like you’re using an LMG, without being disadvantaged if you need to use equipment, plate up, or change weapons. There’s not a terrific amount you can do about the Kilo 141’s painfully average time-to-kill stats, but by modding it into a controllable, mobile LMG it can be a superb weapon for squad games.

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