Call of Duty Warzone Contraband contract guide: how to get a free new Blueprint

A new rare contract is available in Warzone, and completing it rewards you with a new Blueprint

Warzone contraband contract

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 is finally upon us and aside from all the excitement about new Warzone guns like the Fennec and CR-56 Amax, there are also sweeping changes to the game’s battle royale mode, Warzone. New in-game events introduce loot-dropping helicopters – think of them as flying piñatas – discounts on Buy Station items, and the release of all Gulag prisoners. But there’s also a new contract called Contraband, which has a rare spawn and tasks players with extracting some precious cargo.

That precious cargo is a new weapon Blueprint that’s only available from this contract. We’re still trying to ascertain whether there are a few different unique Contraband Blueprints, but one is being dropped consistently at the time of writing, the Lonely Lagoon variant of the AX-50.

To help you bag this Lonely Lagoon Blueprint for yourself we’ve assembled a quick guide on how to get the new contract and the steps you’ll need to take to complete it and secure your new Warzone sniper rifle.

How to find the Warzone Contraband contract

This is a new, rare contract that will never be present on the map until you’ve already completed a contract. After completing one contract the Contraband contract will have a chance to spawn. Obviously, the more contracts you complete, the more likely you are to come across this contract.

Bear in mind that the Contraband contract spawns in as a reward for completing a contract, so you won’t find it on your map and have to drive to it – just keep doing contracts and look out for a blue briefcase.

How to complete the Contraband contract

Once you’ve collected the briefcase you’ll get a drop-off location. Head there and, just like in Plunder, there will be a zone you need to enter that triggers the helicopter’s arrival. Go and hide and then when the chopper drops its rope you need to head up to it and attach the briefcase to it.

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When the helicopter leaves you’ll get a prompt confirming that you have permanently unlocked the Blueprint for yourself.