Diablo 4 XP grinding just got way, way easier

Diablo 4 XP can be hard to maximize, but if you want to buff your Barbarian or supercharge your Sorcerer, a new tool for the Blizzard RPG is just what you need.

Diablo 4 fast XP: A horned demon with piercing eyes, Lilith from Blizzard RPG game Diablo 4

Diablo 4 XP is everything. Whether you want to take on bosses or blast your way through dungeons, gaining levels in the Blizzard RPG game is absolutely key. By now, you’ve likely picked out your favorite farming spots and Diablo 4 dungeons to accrue swathes of these precious experience points, but if you want to race through levels quickly and bag yourself the best builds, this newly-released – and very comprehensive – community tool for Diablo 4 is just what you’re after.

From Diablo 4 quests to Diablo 4 world bosses, if you want to find success in Sanctuary, climbing the level ladder quickly is essential. With such a sprawling open-world however, and so many different dungeons and mobs to take on, it’s difficult to know where to apply your efforts.

But not any more. One member of the ever-dedicated Diablo 4 community has composed a sweeping spreadsheet which specifically highlights and details precisely the right XP farming spot for you based on level, class, build, and everything else. If you’re tired of pouring hours into the grind and getting slower results, or want to buff your alternate character as fast as possible, this is what you need.

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Diablo 4 player and content creator ‘Drybear’ has tested every dungeon and Diablo 4 Stronghold to isolate the best possible XP grinding spots in the entire game. The full spreadsheet is enormous, laying out literally everything you might need to know in regards to which mobs to fight, which zones to grind, and which dungeons and Strongholds yield the best return. Drybear also shares some quickfire guidance on how to quickly level.

“I wanted to have a robust resource that the Diablo 4 community could use to determine the best source of experience at any given level,” Drybear says. “So, I hand-tested every single permanent dungeon and Stronghold in the game and compared them together for clear speed, mob density, and how valuable your time is per second spent in that encounter.

“Optimal Experience comes from fighting enemies three levels higher than you. While leveling, enemies inside dungeons will always be equal to your character’s Level or to the dungeon’s minimum level, whichever is higher. Unless you are in world tier one and world tier two where they have a maximum level.”

Diablo 4 fast XP: A huge spreadsheet containing details on Diablo 4 XP in the Blizzard RPG game

Potentially, some of these variables may change with the Diablo 4 Season One release date, but this remains essential and highly impressive work, ideal for guiding you towards the most XP for the least grind. You can find Drybear’s full spreadsheet here.

Armed with that knowledge, it should be much easier to construct the absolute best Diablo 4 builds. It should also help you choose from the varied Diablo 4 classes, before creating your next alternate or main.