Is there a Diablo 4 offline mode?

If you're hoping to play Diablo 4 offline due to internet connection issues or a preference for single-player, here's our guide to D4 always online.

Diablo 4 offline mode

Can you play Diablo 4 offline? Now that Blizzard’s latest has arrived, many are wondering if their dodgy internet connection is going to hold up during online play, or whether there’s an option to play entirely offline.

Diablo 4 is tied to online features including the world tier difficulty, as well as the many world bosses. There have been community grumbles around the series’ lack of offline modes since Diablo 3, with the exception of the RPG game‘s Switch port, not that this helps us PC players. So can you play Diablo 4 offline?

Diablo 4 offline: a screenshot of a team of Diablo 4 characters playing online together.

Can you play Diablo 4 offline?

Diablo 4 does not have an offline mode, as the game requires an internet connection to play. You must be connected to the Diablo 4 servers all at times.

While this isn’t great news for players looking to strike down hordes of monsters on the move, or for those with a ropey internet connection, it’s been a known decision for some time now. This also means we won’t be seeing any Diablo 4 mods anytime soon, sadly.

Though Diablo 4 offline isn’t a thing, you can still play Diablo 4 crossplay on all platforms, with cross-progression, meaning Diablo 4 multiplayer doesn’t limit who you can play with. Just as long as your Diablo 4 system requirements are up to scratch, you can start planning your D4 builds and which Diablo 4 class to choose. You can also check out our in-depth Diablo 4 review for more insight.