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Diablo 4 beta dungeons criticised as repetitive and “cookie cutter”

As the Diablo 4 beta ends its first weekend, the Blizzard RPG game is criticised for repeatedly using similar dungeons, especially compared to Diablo 2.

Diablo 4 beta dungeons criticised as repetitive and “cookie cutter”: A horned demon with piercing blue eyes, Lilith from Blizzard RPG game Diablo 4

The Diablo 4 beta has reached the end of its early access phase, with the Blizzard RPG game receiving extremely positive responses for its combat and art and design work, despite issues with queueing and the 316719 error code. However, as we approach the next Diablo 4 beta release date, the new dungeons in D4 face criticism for being repetitive and using “cookie cutter” procedural design, with players complaining of similar paths and layouts, and less dungeon variety than Diablo 2.

From March 17 to March 20, the Diablo 4 Early Access beta previewed three Diablo 4 classes, which could each be levelled to a maximum cap of 25. World bosses, co-op play, and a variety of areas including Fractured Peaks and Kyovashad were all accessible, offering a substantial peek at the upcoming ARPG ahead of the full Diablo 4 release date.

Despite praise for its tougher, more deliberate combat, and grim, dark-fantasy art and design, Diablo 4 beta players raise issues with the game’s dungeons. After raiding a multitude of Diablo 4 dungeons, various players claim that they repeatedly encountered either the same or a very similar map layout.

“Of the nine or so dungeons that I completed, I saw the exact same layout in three of them,” one Diablo 4 player writes. “This is a big let down. The classics – Diablo and Diablo 2 – were so repayable because of their randomisation. I was truly happy with the beta until tonight, when I realised I am just running the same Diablo 3 dungeons that I have ploughed through 1,000 times.”

Another player, who says they have been “coding procedural systems for video games for over 20 years,” describes Diablo 4’s dungeons as “cookie cutter” and attempts to explain how Diablo 4’s procedural generation works.

“What Blizzard’s devs have done is make templates with random attachment locations and hallway lengths leading off the main template. You can see that from running Hoarfrost Demise over and over.”

The player then shares a screenshot, showing nine varieties of the Hoarfrost Demise dungeon, which they claim is “predictable.”

Diablo 4 beta dungeons criticised as repetitive and “cookie cutter”: An image of Diablo 4 beta dungeon maps, showing their layouts

Other Diablo 4 players argue that the dungeon layouts do not significantly impact their playing experience. “The art, the aesthetic, and most importantly the creatures I’m facing while inside are far more important to me than having 15 wildly different layouts of Maulwood,” one says.

“It’s not as exciting,” another writes, “but you know what? If I’m farming a dungeon for a while, I’m going to be bored whether it’s exciting or unique every time or not. This way I at least get to speed through it cause I know what I’m doing mostly. I’m very happy with that.”

The Diablo 4 endgame offers more difficult versions of existing dungeons. The full game will also reportedly include more than 150 dungeons, created using a combination of handcrafting and procedural generation.

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