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The Diablo 4 beta’s saddest enemies are getting a glow up

The Diablo 4 beta and server slam had tons of great legendary items, but the famous Treasure Goblins were rather underwhelming in the Blizzard RPG game.

Diablo 4 Treasure Goblins buffed - a Sorceres with aqua lines painted across her face and a red top gives a slightly forlorn look.

Diablo 4 Treasure Goblins are getting a much-needed makeover ahead of the Diablo 4 release date. If you took part in the Diablo 4 public beta and server slam, you probably got your hands on plenty of sweet, delicious loot. However, it’s very unlikely that any of those legendary items came from Treasure Goblins, who are typically among the most reliable sources in the Blizzard RPG games.

Players during the server slam reported that they almost never got anything good out of hunting down the loot-grabbing gremlins. I had much the same experience: despite leveling three different Diablo 4 classes to level 20 and bringing down world boss Ashava on a couple of occasions, I saw nothing of use from any Treasure Goblin I came across.

We’re not just talking about some underwhelming legendary or rare drops, either; the lil’ guys became a running joke among the community, with many of them just plopping out health globes or tiny, token amounts of gold. A far cry from their typical role as the loot piñatas of the Diablo world. That didn’t stop me from dropping everything else I was doing to chase them down every time I saw one, but it certainly put a dampener on my excitement.

Fortunately there’s good news (or perhaps bad, in their case) for the adorable critters with the unfortunate curse of being oh-so-tempting to chase down and squish. Responding to a comment asking why Treasure Goblin loot drops were so underwhelming during the server slam, Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson confirms that the team is “aware and has already made the fix for launch.”

Diablo 4 Treasure Goblins - Diablo general manager at Blizzard Rod Fergusson replies to a tweet confirming "Yes, we're aware and have already made the fix for launch" when asked about underwhelming Treasure Goblin loot drops.

When you’re finally able to enter Sanctuary for real, then, you’ll want to keep a sharp eye out for that telltale figure scrabbling away in the darkness. Personally, I’m not looking for them to give me legendary Diablo 4 weapons or gear every time – far from it – but the occasional chance to find that magical drop is what makes the frantic chase to take them down before they can portal away so breathlessly entertaining every time.

With launch just a few weeks away, check the Diablo 4 system requirements to make sure you’re ready to go, and learn about how Diablo 4 skill trees and the Diablo 4 transmog system work so that you’re prepared to leap into action straight away.