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Diablo Immortal patch buffs Crusader, Necromancer, and chat

Diablo Immortal patch notes for the Blizzard fantasy ARPG game include buffs to the Crusader and Necromancer, as well as improvements to chat and clan fixes

Diablo Immortal patch notes - a female crusader rests her sword on her shoulder as she holds an off-screen object up ahead of her

A new set of Diablo Immortal patch notes details the latest update to the Blizzard crossover mobile and PC RPG game. The patch includes buffs for Diablo Immortal legendary items for the Crusader and the Necromancer. These improvements are both on items that were introduced as part of Diablo Immortal patch 1.6.2. This latest update also resolves an issue related to the server merges introduced in the same patch, and allows players to chat more frequently.

The Crusader’s Trompdown legs cause Shield Charge to rush to a targeted enemy, stunning them and knocking back nearby enemies. The patch notes that this legendary affix “has been optimised to hit moving targets faster.” Meanwhile, the Necromancer’s Twin Vestige off-hand weapon gives Skeletal Mages a chance to become empowered, immediately casting a Bone Spell when they are summoned. This item “has been improved so Skeletal Mages will now properly attack enemies.”

Tweaks to the in-game chat have reduced the cooldown for sending messages, which should allow you to chat more freely – though it might well lead to an increase in spam. In addition, Blizzard notes that “tapping or clicking on text in the in-game chat interface has been further optimised for player convenience.”

Also addressed is an issue that caused players to be removed from clan after server merges. There is no word that this will resolve the problem for players affected by it on servers that have already merged, but it should hopefully prevent it from happening to players on European servers, who are due to see merges take place soon.

Recent Diablo Immortal gem compensation for a misleading text description has been described by users as “adding insult to injury.” However, the new Diablo Immortal set crafting feature has been generally well received by the fans of the fantasy game. Check out the best Diablo Immortal builds if you’re not sure what to work towards, and be sure to aim for the best Diablo Immortal legendary gems to boost them up even more.