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Disney Dreamlight Valley collection hampered by Scrooge’s stingy stock

Filling out your Disney Dreamlight Valley collection is a fun way to spend time between updates in the farming game, but repeated items in Scrooge’s shop suck.

Disney Dreamlight Valley collection - a character makes an angry expression in front of two plain-looking beds

Completing your Disney Dreamlight Valley collection is a fun way to spend time while waiting for the next Dreamlight Valley update. Not only is it satisfying to check off the boxes and round out those numbers in the log, it’s also key to building out your perfect dream town as you hunt down some of those more elusive items. However, the farming game’s economy is driven by one miserly figure, and his restrictive restocks make that process a struggle.

Scrooge’s Store is (quite literally) your one-stop shop for most of the clothing and furniture in the life game, with the only other way to get your hands on these items being occasional random drops that show up as you clear Night Thorns, feed critters, and open chests. You can upgrade the store to offer more items per day, but it still caps out at a fairly low number, restocking once per day on a regular timer.

By the final upgrade at the time of writing, Scrooge’s store offers ten items of clothing and 14 furniture pieces, which includes upstairs displays and window spaces that can offer larger items such as couches, beds, and full-scale topiary arrangements. In addition to this, you can also buy additional copies of items you have already purchased before directly from Scrooge, though this is also subject to a daily limit.

While being able to stock up on an item after it appears is a nice bonus, it means that you’re still stuck waiting on random fortune for any specific furniture or clothing piece to arrive. It’s helpful, then, that Scrooge won’t restock any clothes you’ve previously bought – you don’t need more than one of any clothing item, after all, as socks in the virtual utopia of Dreamlight Valley aren’t subject to the wear and tear that real life so cruelly inflicts.

This doesn’t apply to furniture, however; you can (and, from my experience, will) see the same handful of plain-coloured beds and cosy couches rock up on a regular occurrence. While this ostensibly makes some sense as you can put multiples of them to use, you can already purchase more from Scrooge directly anyway – meaning that any returning items feel like a purely missed opportunity.

Dreamlight Valley currently has 764 clothing items available, and a whopping 1044 furniture sets. I’ve played quite a lot of it at this point – finishing every currently available quest and completing my collection of fish, gems, meals, and even all the Disney Dreamlight Valley flowers. Yet I’ve only got about half of the possible clothing items, and even fewer of the furniture sets – just over a quarter of what’s available, despite checking the shop most days even if I’m not sticking around to play.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - the collection screen, showing most sections complete but just 346/764 clothing and 283/1044 furniture collected

Players who have been active since launch concur. “I’m at roughly 500 [pieces of] furniture and I’ve seen the same rose lamp, mannequin, or other objects so many times I’ve lost count,” remarks one user on the Dreamlight Valley Reddit. Scrooge won’t even let you know when an item is one you already own, so I’ve ended up buying multiples of things I’ll likely never use just because it’s more effort than it’s worth to dig through my catalogue to check rather than just buy a seventh ‘lavish navy blue double bed.’

It certainly lessens the appeal of logging in and playing between updates each time I find myself with a row of four familiar furniture pieces. I’m still very excited about the future of the game, which is set to include the ability to upgrade your Dreamlight Valley house with new colour schemes, but I’d love to see Scrooge turn over a new leaf and give us more variety.

In better news, your Disney Dreamlight Valley storage looks set for an upgrade soon. Meanwhile, you can fill out that collection further by checking our Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes list. Make sure you’ve checked in on our ultimate Disney Dreamlight Valley guide, too, as there are great tips in there for beginners and veterans alike! If you’re eager to find out what the best Disney games on PC are, just give that link a click.