Disney Dreamlight Valley patch fixes broken quests, including Stitch

New Disney Dreamlight Valley patch notes include a number of bug fixes for key companion quests including Stitch and Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear in the life game

Disney Dreamlight Valley patch - a pink-haired woman poses with Ariel the Little Mermaid, who is in a well

Gameloft has detailed Disney Dreamlight Valley patch notes for a small holiday update that fixes a number of key companion quest bugs in the life game. The update follows on from the release of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story update ‘Missions in Uncharted Space’ in early December, which introduced fan favourites Buzz Lightyear and Woody to the game, along with lovable alien Stitch and the arrival of the new Festive Star Path.

Among the quests being fixed in the December 16 update are ‘You’re my favourite deputy,’ which often saw items spawned outside of the map or inside inaccessible areas. Issues with placing the crystals on the pedestals in ‘A deal with Ursula’ should now be resolved. Clearing the trash from Donald’s house in ‘The mystery of stolen socks’ should now allow players to continue as intended and meet up with Stitch.

‘The Illumination’ will now correctly recognise when players place down the blanket fort in their house, allowing the quest to continue. Finally, the ‘Restoring the Sunstone’ quest should now be fixed for some players, though developer Gameloft notes that it is “continuing to investigate, as we anticipate the issue may persist for others.”

A few other changes are included in the update. Improved feedback in Buzz Lightyear’s house should now make it easier for players to leave, story-related items will no longer appear in the crafting menu before they are intended to become available, and the new Disney Dreamlight Valley boba tea should now appear in a slightly less oversized form (much to our disappointment).

Personally I’ve been eager to get Stitch in Dreamlight Valley, but I’ve been stuck with Donald’s house cleared of trash and an inability to further progress the quest, so I’m very happy to see this update get addressed. You can keep an eye on the Disney Dreamlight Valley issue tracker to see which other problems Gameloft is actively working on.

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