Elden Ring map fragment locations

Learn where to find all of the Elden Ring map fragment locations that reveal entire areas and their places of interest in every region in the game.

One of the Elden Ring map fragment items on a background image of the Elden Ring map.

Need a hand seeking out all Elden Ring map fragment locations? As you explore the vast regions of The Lands Between, the places you’ve visited are gradually revealed on your in-game map. This allows you to easily navigate back to a safe location or return to a dungeon to slay monsters that you weren’t quite up to fighting when you first found them. There is, however, a faster way to open up an entire area.

In specific locations in every region, you can find Elden Ring map fragments to fill in the blanks, showing you all of the named locations and Elden Ring dungeons in the local area. Knowing where everything is in the region is particularly handy in your search for valuable items such as Elden Ring Ashes of War or Elden Ring cookbooks. You can also use your newfound knowledge to hunt down all of the optional Elden Ring bosses. Since these key items are so valuable for exploring each area in The Lands Between, we have a list of all of the Elden Ring map fragment locations so that you can scoop them up as soon as possible.

Elden Ring map fragments - a Tarnished is standing next to a monument with glowing yellow text. A map fragment is on the ground, highlighted by a purple light.

Elden Ring map fragment locations

Nearly all of the 19 Elden Ring map fragments are next to stone beacons, but it’s worth noting that you will find some of the fragments elsewhere. We will mention where you find them if they’re not next to beacons.

Here are all 19 Elden Ring map fragment locations:

  • Limgrave West – inside the Gatefront Ruins, just south of Stormgate.
  • Limgrave East – east of the Mistwood Outskirts Site of Grace, near the giant bear scratching a tree.
  • Weeping Peninsula – close to the keep, which is south of the Morne Rampart Site of Grace near the Bridge of Sacrifice.
  • Caelid – near the merchant who is east of the Caelid Highway South Site of Grace.
  • Dragonbarrow – east of the Dragonbarrow West Site of Grace.
  • Liurnia East – surrounded by some grafted enemies on the waterlogged road north of the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace.
  • Liurnia North – very close to the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace, near the ruins.
  • Liurnia West – north of the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace, which is south of the fortress in the far north of the region.
  • Atlus Plateau – turn left onto the path just off the road east of the Great Lift of Dectus.
  • Leyndell, Royal Capital – near the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace.
  • Mt. Gelmir – down the slope from the Road of Iniquity Site of Grace.
  • Mountaintops of the Giants East – around the corner from the Grand Lift of Rold heading northeast.
  • Mountaintops of the Giants West – head north for the mound across the river from the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace.
  • Siofra River – southeast from Siofra River Bank Site of Grace.
  • Mohgwyn Palace – inside the building just before you reach the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance Site of Grace.
  • Deeproot Depths – at the bottom of the lake southwest of the Across the Roots Site of Grace, close to the shore where the Nameless Eternal City Site of Grace is.
  • Ainsel River – inside the building north of the Ainsel River Downstream Site of Grace.
  • Lake of Rot – by the shore of the crimson rot lake, south of the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace.
  • Consecrated Snowfield –


Those are all of the Elden Ring map fragment locations in the open-world game. Sadly, they don’t reveal important information at a glance, such as where you need to go to complete Elden Ring quests or where you can activate Elden Ring Great Runes, so do check our Elden Ring Divine Towers locations guide for answers.