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Best Elden Ring summons and spirit ashes locations

Here are the best Elden Ring summons and spirit ashes locations to help you when starting out in the RPG game and legendary summons to deal with tough bosses.

The best Elden Ring summons

Elden Ring summons and spirit ashes can help make the latest game from FromSoftware a little less daunting for new players. It’s a way of changing the difficulty level a smidge, as these spirits of fallen souls you can conjure can take a particularly tough enemy’s focus off you in combat, allowing you to heal.

These spirits appear in many forms in the open-world game, from skeletal warriors and deadly plants to creatures like wolves, serpents, and winged monsters.  Sadly, it’s not as simple as tapping a button to summon your spirit pal, you have to search and obtain the spirit ashes first. However, they can also be upgraded using Elden Ring Grave or Ghost Glovewort; plants found across the Lands Between.

Best Elden Ring summons and spirit ashes

The best Elden Ring summons are:

  • Lhutel the Headless
  • Mimic Tear
  • Banished Knight Oleg
  • Black Knife Tiche
  • Lone Wolf
  • Jellyfish

Lhutel the Headless

This legendary summon is a tanky spirit that can be obtained fairly early in your adventures. She swings and hurls a lance while blocking with a greatshield. This makes her a powerful spirit that can not only defend and distract but is also effective at both close and long-range combat.

  • Cost: 104 FP
  • Location: Her ashes can be found at the end of Tombsward Catacombs in Weeping Peninsula after defeating the boss, Cemetery Shade.

Elden Ring summons spirit ashes - the Tarnished summons three spirit wolves to attack the dragon ahead of them.

Lone Wolf

These are the first spirit animals you’re given once you unlock the summons at the Church of Elleh. You can summon three wolves that attack quickly, and they make for a great distraction for both bosses and groups of enemies alike. You probably won’t stick with this summon as you progress to other areas and take on harder bosses, but they’re a fantastic option early on.

  • Cost: 55 FP
    Location: Unlocked after receiving the Spirit Calling Bell by Renna at the Church of Elleh.

Mimic Tear

Hailed as the best summon in Elden Ring, Mimic Tear, er, mimics your current character, creating a clone of yourself with all your stats, weapons, and gear equipped. Depending on how your character’s built, Mimic Tear can dish out a lot of damage and can survive brutal attacks from Elden Ring bosses once upgraded. As this is a powerful summon, it’s not as easy to obtain, and you first need to defeat the Mimic Tear before continuing onward to find its ashes.

  • Cost: 50% HP
  • Location: The ashes can be found after you defeat the Mimic Tear boss in Nokron. Don’t forget, you can complete a large portion of Fia’s Elden Ring quest while in the area. Head to the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace and leap onto the ledge opposite and continue scaling the edge of the building until you reach Night’s Sacred Ground. Leap onto the rooftop with the spire and past the enemies; instead of jumping down, head over the broken wall and past the candlelit tomb to the door on your right. Here, you need a Stonesword Key to enter, make short work of the enemy inside and open the chest to get the ashes.

Best Elden Ring summons spirit ashes - the Tarnished uses the Jellyfish spirit ash.


The Spirit Jellyfish is a giant jellyfish that spits poison and bashes enemies with its big, bloaty head. It’s a hardy enemy that works hard to distract enemies for you to take a swing or chips away when enemies are distracted. It takes a while to attack but has a ton of health to stick around in the fight.

  • Cost: 31 FP
  • Location: This is a gift from Roderika, who can be found at Stormhill Shack. If you finish her questline, you can also upgrade spirit ashes, as well as obtain the Jellyfish Spirit.

Banished Knight Oleg

A dual-wielding knight that slices through enemies with two great longswords. Oleg is also quite speedy and deals with enemies quickly, nipping from one enemy to the next with power and precision. Although not as tanky as other summons, Oleg can deal with swathes of enemies and is a great distraction in tough boss fights.

  • Cost: 100 FP
  • Location: Banished Knight Oleg summoning ashes are in Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, next to the Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace. You need to use two Stonesword Keys to enter and deal with the Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss at the end of the mini-dungeon.

Black Knife Tiche

For those looking for an agile, deadlier spirit summon capable of evading enemy attacks and dealing lethal blows; Black Knife Tiche is an assassin that carries a black knife imbued with the Rune of Death.

  • Cost: 132 FP
  • Location: Head to Ringleader’s Evergaol in Liurnia and defeat Alecto, the Black Knife Ringleader.

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