Amid the sales, Elden Ring reclaims its rightful place atop Steam

Elden Ring is back on top of Steam almost a year and a half after the FromSoftware game first came out, and you can get a sizable discount on it right now too.

Amid the sales, Elden Ring reclaims its rightful place atop Steam

Elden Ring has shot back up the Steam charts, signifying a grand return for FromSoftware’s magnum opus of an open-world game ahead of the imminent Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC release date we’re all dying for. There’s even a delightful Steam sale on at the moment for Elden Ring too, which may be responsible for it shooting up the charts.

Exploring The Lands Between is one of the best experiences in videogames, so it’s good to see Elden Ring back up the charts, as more Tarnished enter FromSoftware’s world with hopeful hearts, unaware of what awaits them.

The return of Elden Ring comes as it’s currently number three on the Steam Top Sellers chart, sitting behind just the ever-present and free Counter-Strike Global Offensive and the colossal overnight hit that is BattleBit Remastered. Just yesterday on Friday, July 30, though, it looks like Elden Ring was top of these Steam charts, beating out all the competition.

Amid the sales, Elden Ring reclaims its rightful place atop Steam

Considering Elden Ring is 17 months old, and saw a steep drop off in its player base since release, this is really impressive. Elden Ring is by no means dead, but it went from a series high of almost one million Steam concurrents to a steady 50,000 or so since then. For a single-player game (with some multiplayer elements) this is far from disappointing though, and I’m sure the DLC will see many players with the best Elden Ring builds come back into play.

While we wait for the Elden Ring DLC to arrive, you’ll be glad to hear that the game is actually on sale. You can snag Elden Ring at the cheapest it’s ever been over on Fanatical.

As an avid FromSoftware enjoyer, I can safely say now’s the perfect time to dive into the developer’s latest. The Armored Core 6 release date is right around the corner, and now that The Lands Between have cooled down a bit, you can jump in with the best Elden Ring classes and get prepared for the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. Just head on over to Steam to get the 30% off, if you don’t already own the game.

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