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FFXIV’s director is ready to “chat about” a Final Fantasy 16 collab

Naoki Yoshida, the director of both Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XVI, has alluded to a possible collaboration between the two JRPGs.

Shiva from Final Fantasy, a blonde woman, holding a blue a crystal

FFXIV continues to soar in popularity, maintaining its spot as one of the most-played MMORPGs after over a decade since its launch. From Final Fantasy XIV‘s incredibly involved developers to its dedicated community, its immense renown comes as no surprise. The director and producer behind the iconic installment, Naoki Yoshida, just so happens to also be working on the series’ latest game, Final Fantasy 16. He congratulated the new Final Fantasy on its successful launch, taking the opportunity to hint at a possible collaboration with FFXIV.

On the official Twitter for Final Fantasy XIV, Yoshida made a post commemorating the launch of the series’ newest addition, writing, “Congrats on the launch of the latest FINAL FANTASY! Once things settle down, we should chat about a collab.” Yoshida’s statement implies that the MMO may eventually team up with Final Fantasy 16 for an in-game collaboration similar to previously seen ones.

The developers are no strangers to such events, with past Square Enix collabs under their belt including FFXIV’s NieR raids and the Maiden’s Rhapsody event. If Final Fantasy 16 comes to the Eorzea, it’s likely that it will be in the form of new content, whether that be trials or alliance raids, and glamour or mount-related additions. Until the Final Fantasy 16 PC port is confirmed with a solid release date, FFXIV’s collaboration may be our only solid shot at experiencing what the new game has to offer.

A Tweet from the official FFXIV Twitter congratulating FF16 for its launch

Yoshida has yet to confirm such an event or give it a date, following his statement on Twitter up by saying, “I recommend giving FF16 a try, Warriors of Light! It’s our newest FF title, at least until our next patch launches!” FFXIV’s latest patch, 6.4, dropped relatively recently, meaning we likely won’t be seeing the collaboration for a few months at the least.

For the time being, we PC players can enjoy FFXIV’s new Aetherfont dungeon from the latest patch as well as the FFXIV Make It Rain 2023 Campaign until the Final Fantasy 16 PC release date arrives. I know I’ll be cashing in my MGP for some cool minions and mounts while I have access to that sweet 50% bonus at the Gold Saucer. You can also check out our FFXIV Island Sanctuary guide if you’d prefer to spend the time waiting on your in-game slice of paradise.