Where to find Fortnite OMD Gear locations

Knowing where to find Fortnite OMD gear locations will help you obtain the Eren Jaeger outfit faster by completing the Attack on Titan quests.

Fortnite OMD gear locations: Eren Jaeger stands in front of the Fortnite mega city location with the OMD gear equipped.

Want to know the Fortnite OMD Gear locations? OMD gear, or omni-directional mobility gear if you were wondering, has arrived in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. That’s right, the Eren Jaeger skin is finally here. Not only has the Jaeger family moved into Anvil Square, Thunder Spears and Scout Regiment Footlockers now appear on the island.

If you want to unlock the Eren Jaeger Fortnite skin for yourself, some of the quests unsurprisingly involve utilising the new OMD gear, so finding it is the first hurdle to get over. The OMD gear is quite tricky to use, so if you’re used to the more familiar Fortnite weapons in the free PC game, then we’ve got you covered with some guidance on how to use the Season 2 Mythic weaponry below.

Fortnite OMD gear locations: The Scout Regiment footlocker in which OMD gear can be found in Fortnite.

Fortnite OMD gear locations

Fortnite OMD gear can be found in Attack on Titan-themed Scout Regiment Footlockers scattered around the map. Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward way to tell you where to find OMD gear in Fortnite, though. As with most loot in the battle royale game, these footlockers can be found anywhere on the map, and their locations change every match. They don’t make a sound like normal Fortnite chests do, so just keep your eyes peeled for the distinct looking chests.

One of the best ways of finding Scout Regiment Footlockers and other loot chests is by taking over Capture Points. Stand in a Capture Point until your have secured the location – and stay alive – and the locations of nearby chests will be highlighted in your surroundings, making it far easier to make out footlockers close by.

Fortnite OMD gear locations: Image shows the blades and grappling equipment that make up the OMD gear in Fortnite.

How to use Fortnite OMD gear

Once you have OMD gear in your inventory, using it is quite tricky. Using the set keybind, you can grapple towards nearby objects – you may be familiar with this mechanic when it was introduced with the Grapple Gloves and Web-Shooters. Once in the air, use the other action key to hover momentarily, and if there is an opponent beneath you, press the attack key to crash down to their location and deal damage. This attack can be powerful enough to eliminate them in one accurate hit, and it can also be used to destroy structures.

That’s everything you need to know about Fortnite OMD gear locations and how to use it, so you should have no trouble swinging through the air and eliminating any opponents who get in your way. In case you don’t find OMD gear immediately, you might want to find some Fortnite NPCs and buy weapons from them – or even hire them to fight your battles for you. If you don’t already, you should also get to know the current Fortnite Augments, and use those to your advantage in battle, too.