Where to deploy scanners in Fortnite alien biomes

Head to these locations to activate the scanners

A scanner located inside an alien biome in Fortnite

Want to know where to deploy scanners in Fortnite alien biomes? The alien invasion in Fortnite has been causing havoc on the island over the course of the season. Players put up with flying saucers, hostile aliens, and strange alien biomes slowly taking over iconic Fortnite locations. In order to put a stop to this ongoing threat, this legendary quest tasks you with deploying scanners within alien biomes.

There isn’t much time until Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 starts up in September – now is the perfect time to complete your battle pass. Once you complete this quest, be sure to check out our other legendary quest guides: searching for books on explosions, destroy target dummies with IO weapons, and activating the countermeasure device Corny Complex.

The alien biomes are the purple areas that you can find all around the centre of the map. This is where the spire landed, causing the surrounding locations to change dramatically, so they stick out like a sore thumb. You definitely won’t miss one when you come across them on the map, but in case you don’t know where to look, here’s where you can find all of the alien biomes to deploy scanners in Fortnite.

Alien biome locations

If you don’t want to keep opening the map in-game, we’ve created a cheat sheet to make things a bit easier. Once you reach one of the alien biomes, you should find a blue outline of a scanner – activate it to deploy the scanner.

The current Fortnite map with pins displaying the locations of all six alien biome locations

Here are all of the alien biomes in Fortnite:

  • To the west of Boney Burbs
  • South of Pleasant Park
  • South west of Pleasant Park
  • North west of Corny Complex
  • South of Corny Complex
  • South west of Corny Complex
  • North west of Dirty Docks

And those are all of the locations where you can deploy scanners in Fortnite alien biomes. Complete the last of the legendary quests to unlock all of the Fortnite skins in the battle pass. This includes the Kymera skin which can be customised with unlockable styles to create 800,000 different combinations. You’ll need to collect all of the Fortnite alien artifacts and team up with friends to open Fortnite cosmic chests to purchase these styles, but fortunately you still have some time to find these shards.